9 Songs of War and Peace

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Nine Songs of War and Peace.

  1. We will Not Go Down (song for Gaza) - Michael Heart
    This is the most touching song of our humanity. We Will Not Go Down (Michael Heart) is a song intended for the Palestinian people, especially in the Gaza Strip which is suffering greatly from the Israeli invasion and its allies. This song is universal in support of victims of human rights abuses and victims of war. In his clip depicted how the destruction of the people of Gaza due to war.

  2. Wind of Change - Scorpions
    Scorpions is a group of bands from Germany that often highlights social, political themes in his works. Like the Wind of Change song released in 1990. The song is inspired by the end of the Cold War and celebrates the end of Perestroyka. In the video clip the song also highlights anti-war, where seen the people of Palestine who looks very miserable. Scorpions also highlighted the giant US oil company Exxon, who became a perpetrator in marine pollution with an oil spill.

  3. When the Children Cry - White Lion
    The power-ballad song released in 1988 describes the sadness and pain of a child born into an increasingly cruel world, a rampant crime and a victim of war. Where people kill each other. This song is often played as backsound television news covering the Iraq War in 2003.

  4. Peace - GIGI
    In the domestic realm, there is band GIGI, the band of the top Indonesia, who voiced peace. This song invites us to avoid all forms of war and invites us to love peace.

  5. We Want Peace - Lenny Kravitz
    Lenny Kravitz's "We Want Peace" was released in 2003 and at the same time as the US invasion of Iraq. This song is very meaningful at the time, because we all oppose all forms of invasion to any country for any reason, especially to an independent and sovereign state. Because the act is actually a violation of human rights.

  6. Imagine - John Lennon
    The song Imagine familiarly ears us as backsound news about wars, disputes, riots and even natural disasters and so forth. The song Imagine was performed by John Lenon (The Beatles' personnel) in 1971. The song is about telling about everyone living in peace. Imagine if in this world there is no greed and hunger.

  7. Heal the World - Michael Jackson
    In the video clip the song depicts the lives of children living and living in countries suffering from unrest. Play ball between battle tanks. Very touching and sad. Song of the world pop king, Michael Jackson (MJ), Heal The World also invites all people to love peace and unite to love each other. Without any hostility. Set aside more space in the heart for "love". For generations to come and make the world better.

Sunday Bloody Sunday - U2
The song was released in 1983 in War album. Sunday Bloody Sunday blatantly criticized the political situation at the time, which depicted the horrors of Northern Ireland. Where at that time a bloody incident occurred when British troops fired on the protesters and civilians also fell victim.

  1. There You'll Be - Faith Hill
    This song sung by Faith Hill is the soundtrack of the Pearl Harbor film and became a hit single in 2001. In the video clip the song depicts the atmosphere when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in World War I.





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