a tourist destination with extreme natural phenomena

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Who would have thought the most extreme natural phenomenon could be an interesting sights. If you are the one who is interested in it, here are the 10 most extreme natural phenomena in the world that are interesting to observe. here are the 10 worst natural phenomena that ever happened in the world, and maybe you can feel when visiting there:

  1. Temperatures are very low
    What do you imagine during a vacation to an area, suddenly a very extreme temperature change occurs? Sure terrible. But all this you can encounter during the holidays to the Antarctic. The so-called south pole is also experiencing extreme weather changes, which reached -89.2 degrees Celsius on July 21, 1983. Yes, you read it right, this temperature calculated with degrees Celsius, not Fahrenheit.Mau know what cause? Absence of solar radiation, clear sky, steady air over time that is the main cause. Although this happened in 1983, it would not hurt you to be careful and prepare cold clothes before traveling to Antarctica.

  2. The hardest rain in just 1 minute
    This unique phenomenon indeed occurred in Maryland, USA on July 4, 1956. It was a very heavy rain with a debit of about 31.2 millimeters down in just one minute. Wow! In comparison, in Hong Kong alone, sub-tropical regions experienced the most severe rainfall of only about 70 millimeters in 1 hour instead of 1 minute.

  3. Hail Ice
    Hail like a very heavy rain water had ever experienced by Bangladesh. The horror and fear of mingling so one when the tragedy that occurred April 14, 1986 this happened to the citizens of Bangladesh. Why not, this torrential rain lowered a stone ice weighing 1.02 kg. Ouch! As a result of this heavy rain, about 92 people were killed.

  4. Heavy rains are down for 24 hours
    If Maryland in the United States experienced super-heavy rain in just 1 minute, Foc-foc, an island in the Indian Ocean even experience it for 24 hours. This rain fell as much as 1825 meters from 7 to 8 January 1966.

  5. Longest drought
    Another extreme phenomenon that you should be aware of is drought. The longest drought has been experienced by Arica in Chile for 14 years. Hah? Yes, this drought started October 1903 - January 1918. If calculated, the drought occurs for 173 months. At that time, there was no drop of rain in Arica. This incident was expressed as the longest period of drought in history.

  6. Geyser with the highest cold water
    Geysers generally emit hot water, but not with geysers in Andernach, Germany. Geysers in this place radiate cold water. Unmitigated, cold shower that appeared on 19 September 2002 reached a height of 61.5 meters.

  7. Coldest road
    When traveling to Russia do not forget to stop at Kolyma Toll Road. This is one of the coldest place in the world. If measured, the temperature of Kolyma Toll Road reaches -67.7 degrees Celsius.

  8. The largest non-polar ice plane
    No need to go all the way to the south pole to see the vast ice plains, Canada also has. The country has a huge ice plateau, even considered the largest in the world outside of Antarctica. It is the Yukon Territoy in Canada that has the largest non-polar ice plains. Located within Kluane National Park, this ice plateau has an area of ​​21,980 km2.

  9. The biggest desert
    Perhaps what crossed your mind the biggest desert in the world is the Sahara. Apparently not. The largest desert is in Antarctica. Guinness World Records notes the largest desert is an icy desert in Antarctica, which has an area of ​​up to 14 million km2. Antarctic icebergs defeat the Sahara Heat Desert which has an area of ​​only 9.1 million km2.

  10. The coldest village
    Want to know the populated region with the lowest temperature in the world? Oymyakon Village in Siberia, Russia answer. Be there, you can feel how to stay in the village with temperatures reaching minus tens of degrees Celsius. In fact, in 1933 the temperature of this village had dropped to -68 degrees Celsius. The temperature in Oymyakon is also a record place with the coldest temperature outside Antarctica.


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