Meugang or Makmeugang

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Meugang is a tradition of cooking meat and enjoying it with family, relatives and orphans by the people of Aceh , Indonesia . Meugang or Makmeugang is a tradition of slaughtering goats or cattle and is held three times a year, ie Ramadan, Eid al-Adha , and Eid-ul-Fitr . Cattle and goats are slaughtered in the hundreds. In addition to goats and cows, the Acehnese also slaughtered chickens and ducks . The Meugang tradition in the village usually takes place one day before Ramadhan or holiday, while in the city takes place two days before Ramdhan or feast day. Usually people cook meat at home, then take it to the mosque to eat with neighbors and other residents.

The Meugang tradition has been practiced since hundreds of years ago in Aceh. Meugang started since the time of the Kingdom of Aceh . At that time (1607-1636 AD ), Sultan Iskandar Muda cut the animals in large quantities and his flesh was distributed free of charge to all his people. This is done as a gratitude for the prosperity of his people and his gratitude to his people. After the Kingdom of Aceh was conquered by the Dutch in 1873 , this tradition was no longer carried out by the king. However, as this has taken root in the life of the Acehnese people, Meugang has remained to this day under any circumstances. The Meugang tradition is also used by the Acehnese heroes in guerrillas, which are preserved beef and goat for provisions.

Every Meugang celebration, the whole family or household cooks meat and eaten by the whole house. Abstinence if the family does not cook meat on Meugang day. Meugang religious value because it is done in the days of holy Islam . The people of Aceh believe that the livelihoods sought for 11 months must be grateful in the form of the Meugang tradition.


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