Things that can ruin career

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Your professional reputation is very important in your career or business success, but sometimes there are things that can damage the reputation. Maybe you do not realize it when things like this is quite valuable to note. Here are 10 things that can damage your career :

  1. Lying
    Whether in the real world or the world of work, lying is not something you should do. Lying is the ultimate thing and most likely to ruin your career. The world of work is a world where your words are a contract and you must be responsible for all the words you spend. Lying can appear in many forms, starting from small lies like covering up mistakes to big lies like corruption.
    Remember that building trust is not easy and requires a process, but all the trust you build can be destroyed with only a lie.

  2. Make Commitments that You Can not Keep
    As point 1 point says, your credibility is built by showing that you can keep what you say. But if you do the opposite, as you say you will send a report tomorrow and forget to do it, it will damage your credibility and you are considered to be unreliable.
    Even not just in time can damage your credibility, you will be considered a person who likes to gain time and in the world of work say time is money is very true. So be careful in making a commitment, just make a commitment that you can take care of.

  3. Not Professional
    In fact professionals are a very relative word and only some scope in professionals can be really the same for all work environments. In a work environment with formal attire, of course you also have to use formal clothes. But in a casual work environment and you can wear anything, if you use too formal clothes then you will be considered too rigid and may be labeled not adaptable.
    What you want to say at this point is to know about your work environment and follow the level of professionalism that exists in your work environment. And know general rules about the professionalism of promise, commitment, and behavior. Do not work to the extent of the work given to you, think of what else you can give to your work.

  4. Big Anger at Work
    What we are talking about here is not a mild anger such as lecturing people, or criticizing people lightly, but until the limit of your anger is shown explosively starting from scolding to violence.
    Frustration in work is commonplace, but if you've crossed the line where you start yelling, slamming doors and so on, then it will really break your career. you will be labeled as a temperament and very angry, some people will begin to feel reluctant to work with you, and such labels are very difficult to release.

  5. Speaking Imaginely in Social Media
    Social media can damage your career in many ways. Tweet or post status while you work alone can give you labels as lazy, especially if the contents of the status or tweet you guys can ruin your career. Things like this happen so often, if you search the Internet then there are so many cases like this that you can find. Even photos can sometimes get you fired.
    If you can not resist the temptations of tweet and post status, then do not put your coworkers or bosses into your social media environment. For this reason there is linkedIn, which is social media for professionals or the world of work.

  6. Doing Work You Do not Like
    It is common knowledge that the better you are in something, the more often you are asked to do it. Of course you do not have to do a job you do not like badly on purpose, but you can talk to your boss.
    Doing a job you do not like will only put a burden on yourself, starting from stress until you are labeled as a half-worker. In search of a job look for a job that you like, it can make your career better and go up faster, because you do the things you love.

  7. Work Out Without Any Notice
    Unless you have really good reasons, getting out of your job without notice can be likened to you burning the only bridge that connects you to the one who hired you, sometimes even to your coworkers.
    Know that if you want to quit working from a company or workplace, the best limit to telling this to your boss is 2 weeks before your termination.

  8. Failure in Teamwork
    Being part of a team, especially if the team is successful, then you can get yourself a good career opportunity. But if you always think "do it all yourself" then you can be labeled not people who can work together.
    You may think that you can do everything and that is better because you believe in the quality of your work, but know that you will not be able to succeed in your career if you do not cooperate with anyone. Maybe you can complete a project within 1 month, but if you work with a good team then you can finish the project within 1 week.

  9. Not Following the Social Environment of the Work Environment
    Not everyone likes social work environment, whether it is gathering or eating together, but the higher your position in your career, then you will often be expected to attend in social activities like this.
    In some companies, often skipping these social events can indicate that you are not interested in building relationships between your co-workers, can get you labeled anti-social that will eventually stop your career development. At least if you really like this activity, occasionally attend this activity than never at all.

  10. Working For Family or Brother
    In the world of work, there is the term nepotism, an event in which a person is chosen not because of his ability but his relationship as he is the brother of the manager, the son of the boss and so on. People who are the subject of nepotism are sometimes not regarded by other employees as they consider these people to be "fraudulent" and do not use their own abilities.
    Know that a situation like this is a dangerous situation, if you can show your ability then it is good, but if you experience one failure then a label like this will stick right to you. If you have strong support factors such as lectures at a reputable overseas university, remarkable achievements and so on, then you do not need to kiprahi, because you have proof of your ability


yes, you are right, if we want a good career we always, denay our bad habit, spacially we always need to keep our commitment right, always be careful about these topic, I am really agree with your post, thanks for sharing with us.

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