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You like traveling? Want to feel the adventure until the remote country or to the end of the world? Many answered "want" "yes" "want". But, many people think that traveling is expensive and complicated. So they are forced to bury the passion of traveling. Though it should be easy traveling and fun. Everyone needs to change the atmosphere for a moment and escape from the daily routine.
Actually, traveling is not always expensive. There are many ways for cheap streets. Being a backpacker or strolling backpacker style which is one way for cheap streets. Unfortunately, there are still many people who think backpacker is complicated because everything must be taken care of by themselves.

Why be a Backpacker

  1. Adventure is fun.
  2. Know more about tourist spots and rich experiences.
  3. Add more friends.
  4. Backpaker is cheap and easy.
  5. The streets are more impressive.
  6. Full of challenges.
  7. Getting a lot of life lessons.

True adventurers not only rely on physical but also thinking and mental steel!
What is a backpacker? Backpacker is berelilin and adventure with a low cost / minimal. Another opinion suggests that backpackers can also mean an international trip independently. Being a backpacker is also identified by doing an odyssey. Backpacker has now become a trend, especially when people start choosing an all-round adventure alone or travel at a very low cost. When people have started to realize that traveling no longer has to be expensive. From here then develop some new terms like flashpacking, campervan, etc ..
How to do a backpacker? Given the backpacker is independent traveling or traveling alone or in small groups, with a low cost / low, for it is needed preparation.
Planning and Management to be Backpacker
Planning is important and absolute, as this is the starting point of all the adventure in a location that is likely never known by a backpacker. Mature planning not only provides a background location to be addressed but also the provision of knowledge to deal with problems that may occur.
Travel planning process includes:
● Specify the destination place or country to go.
● Determining what to do there: just walking, studying culture, courses, learning, conferences, shopping, etc.?
● Looking for information about the destination.
● The social, economic and political conditions of the country or location of destination. Is it safe to travel there?
● Administrative requirements: Passport , need visa or not, how to apply visa, how the requirements, travel insurance, currency, permit etc.
● Natural conditions: weather, season, distance between cities, availability of transportation
● Accommodation: where will stay, how far from the city, what is the condition of the residence, who owns it (if you have to stay at home people), how far from the shopping center / shop (minimum for foraging), language, telecommunication network etc.
● Budget: tickets, transportation during backpacker, lodging, meals, daily necessities.
● Source of Funding: how much, from where the source.
Information that a backpacker should know
Some of this information can be searched from the internet by accessing the place / country that we want to go via google or via wikitravel or some other sites. Besides via the Internet, books on traveling such as Lonely Planet can be used as a reference, as well as seeking information and ask people who have gone to the place.
Travel Management becomes Backpacker
Travel management is the most important thing in traveling with a low budget. Limited cost and time require backpacker to manage cost, time and need carefully and precisely and economically.
Why it is important, the example of tickets, cheap tickets can usually be purchased at the time of promo or long ago. To get a promo ticket, you must be diligent in checking the airline website. There are some low budget airlines like Air Asia , Cebu , TigerAir , Jetstar which often provides promo tickets or tickets at a cheap price. Sometimes big airlines also do promotions with special prices in certain seasons. To facilitate it's good you subscribe certain airlines who regularly send newsletters. Get used to reading terms and conditions when you buy a ticket. This is important if you should delay the trip or for example the flight is canceled.
Backpacker also takes time management
Time management becomes important especially if you have other activities such as work or school. Doing good planning and management will give you some flexibility to travel easily, cheaply and comfortably. For example, during school holidays, ticket and accommodation prices tend to be expensive, but on the other hand, during the school season ticket and accommodation prices tend to go down and are very cheap.
Summer (Summer) is usually not the right time to travel to countries with 4 seasons, because generally summer is the peak density for travel activities. On the other hand, winter (winter) is not the right time to visit, even though it is likely to be cheap, for people unfamiliar with cold weather. Likewise when the country you are going to is a big tournament like the world cup or Olympic. Transportation and accommodation will rise in price. These conditions will have an impact on the costs you have to spend.
Backpacker really need Travel Schedule
Travel itinerary is another thing you should prepare. The regular itinerary will make it easier for you to manage your time and money. Make it a habit to arrange travel itinerary or itinerary before you leave. Make a list of places you will visit. If you have time to check location via map or access to google map. By planning a good schedule, then your travel time and cost becomes more efficient. Some of the sights are likely to lie in one location and close together. So you do not need to spend extra for transportation.
Default Backpacker List
Luggage management also needs attention. Many airlines apply a low price ticket rule with a note that you are prohibited from carrying baggage, just a cabin bag or carry-on bag only. So you need to pay attention to this provision, if you still want to travel at a low cost. Luggage management is very useful, especially if you travel a lot on foot. The heavier the burden of your congenital, the more weight that should be supported by your body. Decide what to bring and how much, will make it easier for you to travel comfortably. Remember the more you carry the more luggage you have to keep. Choose clothes and shoes that are comfortable and do not require special care. Bring personal needs like medicines to taste. Prepare locks and locks for your bag, if you have to stay with sharing. Make a list of luggage to be neat and avoid the stuff left behind or interchanged.
Backpackers also have to control themselves
Management yourself well. Many events, people will be crazy and forget the commitment and purpose of traveling. Self-management and commitment are especially important in managing emotions. Usually for beginners or people who first visited keseatu destination, will lose control when seeing the place and good stuff. The best way is to discipline yourself to focus on a pre-made schedule. We can be flexible with the schedule we make, but back again, if you are too flexible the possibilities of what you want to see and do are not met. You may have to pay extra for the trip.
What is Backpacker prepared?
If you are able to determine where to go and get enough information, it's time to make travel arrangements including buying tickets, taking care of licensing and arranging travel itineraries. Make sure everything is neatly arranged and fulfill what you want to do and see. Taking care of everything yourself will be cheaper than using the services of others. Prepare a list of luggage. It sounds funny if we have to compose the luggage, but if you do, this list will help you keep an eye on your luggage during the trip.
Start looking for cheap hotel rate info or lodgings at hostelbookers or hostelworld. The cheapest are generally dormitory rooms, roundabout, can be 6 to 10 people in one room. We pay per bed / night. If staying in the dormitory room, preferably during sleep, valuables, gadgets etc stored in the deposit box. Usually we are required a deposit for the deposit box, and the money will be refunded when we check out of the hostel.
Familiarize yourself to read the available information. Reading is one of the weaknesses of Indonesians. Usually Indonesian people are lazy to read. There is a lot of very useful information that is often overlooked by us because we are lazy to read. Familiarize yourself to read because it provides many advantages when we travel.

The most important safety remains number 1
Happy adventure..


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