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RE: eSteem beneficiary decrease

in #esteem2 years ago

Great work. Kudos to the team

I discovered a bug which I want to report.
8 discovered that when I edit a post using esteemapp, it is always published as a new post. Which makes my posts to be duplicated. It's has happened to me twice now

Please fix the bug to enjoy the app the more


Hi @fatherfaith,
Thanks for report! Could you elaborate more on how you did double post?

Did you click edit post button and then moved away from post and came back hoping it will submit edit but posted as new? If that's what happened, that's expected behavior. When you click edit post, edit and submit right away.
Also did you use mobile app or desktop app, which version on what device?

I used the latest mobile version. I clicked edit post, edited and submitted right away but it submitted as a new post

Ok, we will double check, final details: You are using Android or iOS version? You logged in with steemconnect or regular login?