My Simple Artwork 2D With a Leaf | RELAX

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Hy everyone, amazing steemian, unlimited creativity greetings :)
Welcome back to the most creative blog in Indonesia :DD

On this day I will return to playing imagination with 2-dimensional sketches, I will combine a leaf with a simple sketch drawing. Well... as you can see above, it is someone who is relaxing in a swing while reading a book, do you like to relax on a swing?

Here I will not discuss swing, but here I will share ideas, and share how the process of making simple artwork above, yeah... see below!


I saw the leaves falling by themselves, maybe because of the wind. I think maybe a leaf can be a work of art in my steemit account, haha :D

And this is a simple sketch, why do I say simple? because I sketched this for just 5 minutes, it doesn't have to be detailed.

I take a leaf, look at the red circle below!


Well... my imagination says that a leaf is like a swing if seen from the side.

How do you respond to my artwork? I hope my art is fun for you, I always look for ideas from an object on a daily basis, make more, and more creative artwork, hopefully you like and be entertained, and see you again in my next artwork, see u steemian great :)


Suka sama idenya, bikin senang liat gambar adek...

Yuhuu... tq kak Rika :D

Your drawing is surprising ... beautiful!

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