My Simple Artwork 2D With Fork

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Hello everyone, unlimited creativity greetings :)
Welcome back to the most creative blog in Indonesia, hehe :DD
On this day I will again make simple artwork with sketches and an object. The object I choose is a fork, I will play the imagination with a fork. Do you have a fork at home? you can take it and make a work of art like this, see below!


This is my fork, I'll try to imagine with this fork with a simple sketch.

AFTER MERGING with sketch

Hmmm... I think that the fork is like a giraffe, do you agree?

I also think in addition to eating noodles, a fork can also be a rooster.

Are you one of the most careless people?

Hehe, yaa like that my work with a fork, which part do you like?
hope you like da comforted, and see you back in my next simple artwork :)


You definitely get the mind working in interesting ways @febrirmd. It's nice to be in awe and giggle at the same time. Always pleased by your work.

Thank you, I hope you always like my simple artwork :)

I’ve caught myself seeing objects differently every once in awhile considering what I could draw them into. Well done @febrirmd.

Tell me if you have an idea of an object, heheh :)

I thought you’d never ask. I’ll shoot you a picture the next time I see one, deal?

Very creative! eSteem Curators

Thank you very much @melinda010100 :)

I love your creative!

Kreatif ga ada lawan 👍👍👍👍

haha.. thank u kak :)

I love your giraffe... graet job!!
I will follow to see more of your job...
Thanks for share

Thank you, welcome to my creative art :D

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Cool stuff!!

Thank u dear friend :)