My Simple Artwork 2D With Scissors | MOSQUITO :D

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Hy everyone, unlimited creativity greeting :)

On this day I will make a work of art with an object, yes... still with a pair of scissors. I think a lot of things can be used as a work of art with a pair of scissors.
As you can see above, it is a mosquito, an animal that is often familiar with us, especially if the door of the room forgot to close, whether in your area a lot of mosquitoes during the night? or during the day?

I will not discuss mosquitoes too detail, which I will discuss here is how the process when making artwork on it, see below! hope this is fun for you friend :)


This is a simple sketch 2D I made myself with a pen on paper, I did not make it completely, because the missing piece I would combine with a pair of scissors.

This is an iron scissors, I see this scissor is like a form of a part of mosquitoes.


Yaa, my imagination says that scissors are like a muzzle :D

Long does not make a post in this steemit, because I am busy by some things, but today I am again making artwork, sharing ideas for worldwide, and thank you for coming to my simple artwork, see you again in the work my next art, see u :)


Dear Artzonian, thanks for using the #ArtzOne hashtag. Your work is valuable to the @ArtzOne community. Quote of the week: Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics. -Victor Pinchuk

The drop of blood was really persuasive in the mosquito picture. Kind of gave me the creeps :)

Thank you for the response @agmoore :)

So simple and beautiful. You're creative

Of course, thank you very much @whizart :)

You're welcome sir

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Big thank you @c-squared, I really appreciate it :)

Thia is such a cool image- I love how you've incorporated the point of thw scissors and drop of blood into the menace of the mosquito- brilliant!

E x

Yes, I am very happy to imagine with an object, thanks for your response @eveningart :)

Idenya selalu saja unik nich mas @febrirmd

Saya Baru pertama nemuin artist yang menggambar kayak begini di steemit. Unik, Keren 😁😁😁

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Hehe, iya biar beda dari artist lain :D
Thank you yaa @dwiitavita :)

Sama2... Berbeda jadi lebih keren dan unik
Sukses selalu

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The end result is quite fascinating, just amazing.

Thank you a lot @bluemist :)

Nyamuk dari gunting, ada aja ide adek ini, salam sukses selalu y

Aamiin... makasih kak, salam sukses juga :)

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