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RE: I’m Giving Away 10 SBD & Copies of My Book, to Celebrate 1,000 Followers :)

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Hi sir @yahialababidi, I might just know you recently from my friend @kenny-crane who reesteemed your post currently, but as I visit your blog and found a thoughtful writing with lots of original information, idea and poetry collection, I guess now I've been considering you into one of an inspiring writer who could inspire and influence your readers to do the same.

Moreover, as the one who love magic word or what people called as poetry, I think I would be so glad to have your paper book, I just amazed by reading your poem collection on your blog, such as "a love letter to life", "Renouncing Words & Kneeling in Stages", late night confessions",
or even the shortest one "Eye Sigh", It is short but powerful. I can't wait to read more on your paper book later, I'm pretty sure I gonna find more your magic words there.

However, as I live far away in different continents from you, I think I have to be satisfied for only reading in the PDF version .
That's okay! The point is I could rove your book.

Liked, followed and reesteemed your post!
From Aceh, Indonesia ❤️


I appreciate all the time & effort that has gone into this entry. Thank you, for exploring my work & for your warm words 🙏🏼

You are welcome sir!
I do love to write poem and Motivational Quote too in my leisure time. But as I am coming from a non-English speaking country, so I think I couldn't write poem as perfect as you and the expert did, but now I have a new figure to learn from, it's you! I now can learn more from your post as a media of learning for me.
I would be so glad if you could visit my blog sometime.