One of The Last Ones 🏔

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As I shared in my introduction post, this summer I finished a personal project that I had - I wanted to visit all the peaks in Rila Mountains that I see from my windows at home. One of the last ones was Popova Kapa Peak (2704m). It has a really beautiful view and I have some great photos from there. I wanted to show you also how it looks from the town, but the mountains are gone. There is some fog here today and I can't see nothing for now.

Photo 23.10.18, 12 26 17.jpg

Photo 15.09.18, 18 04 15.jpg

From there I could see some of the previous ones from my list - like Lopushki Peak.

Photo 15.09.18, 18 03 56.jpg

Photo 15.09.18, 18 04 22.jpg

This peak is located in one of the most beautiful part of Rila Mountains. The shapes of the peaks around are just spectacular.

Photo 23.10.18, 12 21 15.jpg

Photo 15.09.18, 18 02 41.jpg

The route to Popova kapa peak pass by 3 amazing lakes. I suggested the route and I was with 5 friends there and all of them truly enjoyed the beauty of the mountains.

Photo 23.10.18, 12 02 11.jpg

Photo 15.09.18, 19 12 32.jpg

One of the lakes was in my backyard for a night. It was full of giant blueberries around my home :D.

Photo 15.09.18, 17 07 14.jpg

I can not say that was a difficult hike, although it was long and tiring. But for sure it is not that safe there and everyone should be careful. I've seen how one of these giant rocks slipped and almost smashed the legs of a fellow hiker. Luckily he was fast enough to move away.

Photo 23.10.18, 12 30 53.jpg

Thank you for reading!

The Man From The Mountains


Wow, kakva krasota e Bulgaria! Gledaiki takiva snimki se chuvstvam napravo kato chujdenez!
Bulgaria is an amazingly beautiful country, looking at such pics, have the feeling as if I am foreigner looking at an picturesque place, though I am native Bulgarian!

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А аз се чувствам горд Българин. Прекрасна ни е татковината.

Bulgaria bez symnenie e mnogo krasiva strana!
Hehe, bravo na teb, az syshto, no veche malko po malko se opitvam da se vazpriemam za chovek na blockchaina, t.e global. No korenite ne tryabva da se zabravyat nikoga, saglasen sym s teb!

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Such lovely shots, @georgipraskov! Many thanks for sharing! :-)

Thanks, more shots soon! :)

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Great photos! Your page looks cool man! Im digging it already and feeling the vibes:)

Thank you Very much!

Wow, nice clicks bro @georgipraskov . You really enjoyed there.Screenshot_2017-05-20-23-47-34.jpg

Thank you very much!

Damn. Very nice challenge and beautiful scenes / pictures!
Reminds me of my adventure a year ago: Crossing the Alps by mountain bike

Glad you like it, your biking trip was wonderful!!,, I also ride MountainBike

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