The Thracians

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Bulgarians are successors of the Thracians and nowadays the archeologists have discovered countless proves about that. Actually not only nowadays, it is a well known fact for a long time but no one is ready to rewrite the whole history of the world because of the small Bulgaria in the Balkans. Here the children in school learn a fake history aiming to make us forget who we are - one of the, if not THE, oldest known civilization in the World.

Varna Nectopolis

Varna Necropolis a burial site from 4569–4340 BC in the western industrial zone of Varna, Bulgaria.

6000 years AGO our ancestors used to wear the oldest processed gold in the world!







Who are we - the Bulgarians? Successors of one of the most developed ancient civilization, a statement proven by indisputable facts.

A while ago was found the oldest ship in the world, guess where. Again in Bulgaria.


Shipwreck found in Black Sea is 'world's oldest intact'

This is the first part of a series about the Thracians sanctuaries, buildings, beliefs, recipes, history that will absolutely change everything you know about the history of the world and about Bulgaria.


I am beginning with a Thracian cult complex keeping the remains of one of the greatest kings of that glorious ancient country covering most of the Balkans and a leading force in the world thousands of years before now. The Thracian kingdom consisted of different tribes and one of the greatest of them were the Odrisi. The mound near Starosel Village kept for thousands of years the remains of king Kotis I of the biggest and greatest kingdom on the Balkans - that of the Odrisis.


This is the oldest ever found royal Thracian complex with a mausoleum. It dates back to the end of 5th and the beginning of 4th century BC.


Me trying to feel the energy of the Thracian Sanctuary

The Thracian Temple Complex at Starosel covers six underhill temples, four of which are unique, as well as a few royal burials. The large temple at Chetinyova Mound and the Horizon temple are open for tourist visits. The place is part of the list 100 National Tourist Sites of Bulgaria.


There are some quotes of Herodot about The Tracians and he is saying some really interesting things.

For example - the number of the tattoos some Thracian had was considered as a sign for nobility. More tattoos - more noble ancestry. He is saying that they were the most numerous nation after the Indiens, but they were really strong.





The Thracians didn't believe in death according to Herodotus, but that the dying person was going to God Salmoksis. Every four year they had to send one chosen person to that God to tell him their wishes. It was a honor to be chosen.


They were welcoming every newborn baby with crying and mourning and every dying person with celebration and happiness because he was escaping the suffering on Earth.

Inside and Around the Mound













Some of the objects found in the area in year 2000 by the archeologist Georgi Kitov. The finds, discovered in the region from the archaeological diggings, can be seen in the National History Museum and the Archaeological Museum in Sofia.





The remains of king Kotis I were found hidden in the mound.

More interesting things about the Thracians, Bulgaria, and our historical and cultural treasure in the next posts of these series.

Thank you for reading!

Greetings from Rila, Mountains, Bulgaria.

The Man From The Mountains


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Thank you very much

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That is so interesting! Great photos and information. I'm so glad they are beginning to piece this history together and I hope that it is soon reflected in the things that the children are taught!

Thank you very much, people need to wake up, children need to know the truth.

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I wonder what they're going to find on that boat they just found!

We can only wonder :))

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Very good and informative article!

One thing I hopefully remember right from the history lessons years back.

Thracians were quite extended throughout the Balkans, and had many wings. I remember there were from the current countries of Greece in the south to Romania in the north, and of course Bulgaria, which is in the middle. Not sure how much were they extended on the west side.

But great findings around Varna. Beautiful city, by the way!

Thank you very much for your comment :) Glad you like it.