Crypto Art & Design Challenge Rewards

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Thanks @good-karma and @dunsky! This was a fantastic creative exercise and we're excited by the results. Readers can also check out our picks on @creativecrypto -

Thanks a lot for your collaboration, guys!

Good jobs

We got some super creative people on Steemit! 😎

What all these are awesome designs
Wow mind blowing designs , kudos to this designers , they all worth a medal for these.

esteem is basically what I call the first wonder of steemit app. Easy to use, rewards and encouragement alongside support to users. I have my esteem and it’s functional. Great initiative @good-karma

Это хорошая новость!

Thank's for the help apps ( esteem and steem monitor ) for the platform steemit it is amazing

Hey, @good-karma This all art is so interesting..i like 2nd art from @anomt..

good, please guide us to be a good steemian

wow amazing this is beautiful, congratulations..
Thanks @good-karma together with eSteem.

esteem very cool and successful continue

Congratulations, bro @anomt. It is a coool art.

an amazing art ,,, hopefully we are inspired to be the successor of the master of drawing art

Beautiful illustrations, eSteem is amazing, I love this drawing art.
Thanks @good-karma together with eSteem.

Congratulations! Great job!

Thank you so much! I am very-very pleased! Congratulations to all the winners!

Creative design for steem,
Keep it up....

A very creative work.

Very good idea.. successful Always

almost 1 month i do not get upvote from @good-karma, please visit untum our spirit.

Good post my sir @good-karma ihope vote my new post @acehdalam... 😒

Wow..sir @good-karma . Above is very2 good design and ilustrator..

Congratulations to them all.

Warm regards from me @rijalaronaceh

Wish I had the art skills I did years ago for this, or better yet the time to do it lol

wow amazingly extreme and this is beautiful, congratulations

I like painting number two, by @anomt. The painting reminds me of a tsunami that once hit my village in December 2004. Thanks @good-karma.

in my opinion, what really impressed me was an artist @anomt combined ocean by combining logo esteem. this is amazing in my opinion.

Thanks for positive feedback, @dayatsiaulia :)

amazing art for eSteem applications, go on eSteem and hopefully be the number one app in the world.
Thanks @good-karma

very nice esteem thanks @good-karma

Beautiful this art, i like your drawing... and also i appreciate this contest.... thanks for sharing my dear friend..... upvote and resteemit done.

good job, thanks for sharing. I agree with what you say.

is truly masterpiece, which is remarkable. Very amazing.

good-karma, all art is interesting and creative but the third is more interesting

good-karma, all art is interesting and creative but the fourth is more interesting and creative

you are my source of inspiration in the steemit community. thanks friends.

thank you for the information in the post above, we are again waiting for vote @ good-karma. what we do in the post so that our good-karma vote is all over again in esteem.

Congratulation for the winner.. awesome art!

The men with the beard is fantastic...

This is good; congratulations to the esteem team.

gracias por compartir tan hermoso trabajo, espero contar con su ayuda y apoyo visitando mis pots, saludos

nice and creative work. esteem is the best. this project help me and so much people.

very creative..
who made the painting ..

Thank you so much @good-karma. I'm speechless

There are so beautiful design.... I love them all... Good job for everyone... I REESTEM IT

Excellent design artwork with its main emblem of esteem.

Congratulation for all winners
Glad to see @anomt and @permanayogi are in the list, selamat yaaaa :)

Trimakasih @rayfa :) @permanayogi lebih ga masuk akal lagi, belum sebulan di Steemit malah udah dua kali ini win di kontes yang sama :)

Ahh.. kalian berdua keren deh pokoknyaaa... intip-intip terus kalau ada kontes art lain

bonita ilustracion lo felicito ,continue los exitos, saludos

thank you for the information of my dear friend @good-karma and I am very touched to see your post and I really like his gratitude @good-karma greetings from me @kabil and I say hopefully apps #esteem growing and always forward

This Crypto Art & Design Challenge Rewards from @good-karma is awesome

This Crypto Art & Design Challenge Rewards from @good-karma is awesome

The good competition

Conggratulation....the best job

Congratulation for @anomt you're great and also @permanayogi I thing you'll do the best now and maybe someday you'll get more and more.

Thanks @dwiitavita :) Best wishes for you too

Your welcome bang @anomt
Nice follow you cz you're so friendly

Congratulation for @anomt you're great and also @permanayogi I thing you'll do the best now and maybe someday you'll get more and more.

Selamat untuk @wgustaman honorable mention.. lup yu puulll auuww

ok, you are my favorit e fan

I love all of you

Every sha la la la every wow wo still shine 😍

Wewww cuma satu not.. berpikir..tik tok..tik tok...lagu apa yak.
Aduhaiiiii.. aduh manisnya. Lagunya kasino feat camelia malik

Ini yang bikin saya senyum2 sendiri baca komentar. Ada aja si abang nich.. Btw, busway saya suka temenan sama anak artzone kayak abang.
Lanjutken menyanyinya bang @sentanu74

True, @wgustaman is honourable mention on this esteem round. Congrats!

hard to believe it but its true, 😁

Wow amazing this is beautiful 😍😘

Hey @good-karma ,, please explain moreover the requirements I have not fulfilled so never again get your voice ,, can you read??

congratulations and success @good-karma, I always follow you and please help me as a small fish, thank you I say to you who have helped me

Great, the first piece of art by @grivina is really nice! And also the others, but that one is definitely my favourite :)

Great idea and challenge, there are some amazing artists here! Well done

That is some amazing creativity

Artikel yang sangat bagus, very good your post.

Kami akan selalu mengikuti dan mempelajari saran dari mu.

I really like your post

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hi sir, i am new here, teach me to be great here, in steemit.

Good job , Good luck always

The results look so good! Great job everyone :D

Wow some amazing talent in steemit, great post

Of course buddy😂