That's a great app...thanks for your will be interesting and yes we are waiting for the updates eagerly...

wow this just keeps getting better and better!

This is going to help onboard the millions of social media users we want to join!


@good-karma that is another success for the eSteem we are using. Keep on improving the features. It is such a great help to the community. More power!

I am a fan of Zcoin, but you shouldn't be promoting it like this in such a spammy way it really detracts from the project!

Yes. I saw him just posting this link in a few posts already, without any other comments...
There are some that just copy paste all over their content or copied content. Huh.

Awesome can't wait for the update I really enjoy using the app.

@good-karma, as always your post provide new information to all stemians. Thanks for the information and seeing forward for the update.
Keep on posting.
Thank you.

[email protected] karma, i think esteem should be displaying topics/tags eg..introducemyself, psychology blog etc and not just the reguler it shows now which is fed, voted, trending etc. It will very nice if this will be considered .

And thanks for your upvotes spmetimes its really encouraging.

That's great @good-karma. It's coming out very well. Looking forward to check this activity manager. And by the way, I saw that you have started updating but I wasn't able to add account there. Is it still work in progress? Any rough timeline when it will be available? Eagerly waiting for it ☺️

Hey, yes it is work in progress. That is just a prototype/layout of the web/desktop app, latest changes are still not ready for production and isn't pushed. We may roll out features partially, but no timeline yet.

Hey @good-karma. Hope you are doing great! I would like to know if the web application project has progressed further. I am eagerly waiting for it to launch. 🙂
Let me know if I can help you with testing of the app. 👍

Cool! All statistics sites will be of no need and we can see all in one. Though I know two helpful resources, let's see if the upcoming app would beat them)

Semakin menarik, saya harap esteem terus melakukan perbaikan untuk satu tujuan, memudahkan pengguna aplikasi esteem melakukan posting dan komentar.

Sebagai pengguna esteem saya percaya @good-karma dan team akan melakukan terus perbaikan-perbaikan.

Haye that droneh bg @rismanrachman mengon ngon @good-karma, mampu neu lakukan komunikasi dengan baik meski dengan bahasa lokal.

Dia memahami betul pesan yang neu sampaikan le droneh sehingga diupvote komentar droneh. Sigo2 neu pakat si @good-karma jep kupi di SMEA. Diskusi soal Steemit dengon @good-karma sambil ta jeb kupi Aceh.


This is a sweet update thanks for your continued epic work for the community! Its pretty cool that you can see the times and vote percentages in the activity log.

@good-karma it is a great development! This app is developing in extreme peace! Keep it up!

Sounds cool! I think this will encourage all of us to be more active.

Wow thats great, im just waiting for!!!!!!

A very good update and perfect for you who play steemit

@good-karma this is great, but why do not you ask Steemians to vote you as a witness in every of your post in the end? I mean you have huge followers and you can turn them active by asking them to vote you as a witness?
Dude come forward and let them know so that they may vote you. I already voted you as a witness, and ask others to do so. Thanks

Great features, hope they work well across all platforms. Inn some cell phones ESTEEM doesn't work well.

Would you mind to elaborate what devices and/or versions of cell phones?

iPad Pro, iPhone 6 plus and a friend's Samsung 6. Thanks for looking into this.

wow @good-karma you and your team are doing a great job on esteem. Do you have a desktop version? this is indeed very good.
I outlined the ingenuity of steemit and the issue we have with regards to scammers-see my latest post for details. I wish you a blessed week.

I am very confused from technological sophistication is now really great I just follow

You guys are doing happy to be using this wonderful esteem service..

I'm absolutely enjoying your app. Actually I'm using it every day, so thank you for you hard work on that and I hope you will make this app more powerfull!

This is gonna be so useful...right now i use steamd for that...but if all of this gonna be at one place that's gonna be amazing...Incredible idea...Keep up great work! :)

I think it's great that they continue to integrate new functions into the ESteem app, I really like it, although I feel there are things to improve but they are very good. Thank you for this information

Sir Can you send me the link for download that app esteem . Because i download a app which can not open so send me link please sir and lso follow me @steemipforall

Upvote & Follow!! ;)

This is a very good app..cant wait for the update

Thanks so much for the eye opener, i am a testifier and i am a beneficiary of the @esteem app mobile, thank you @good-karma

please tell me what relationship there is relation of eSteem application with Steem monitor @jasonmunapasee to @good-karma

What happened to me 3 days, I'm having trouble uploading fhoto, after I wait for the upload process to 100% always fail, I try repeatedly day and night for 3 days. I am using Iphone 5 with IoS 10.3.3, and eSteem version 1.4.7
Terima kasih atas perhatiannya @good-karma

Is perfect we need a tool so

Looks very promising!

nice awesome guideline

Thank you @good-karma. This tool is very useful for all of us newbies. I have really enjoyed using the features. Upvoted you for witness also.

Really useful tool, thanks for your hard work to enhance our experience

i am agree

I'm glad to see that more functionality is being added to esteem! I can't wait to see the Activity Manager once it is complete and functional.

You've already earned a witness vote from me. Thank you for your contributions to the community and the platform.

Whoah sweeeeet!! Thanks for this mate, this app is stellar!!. I have it on my phone and it always lets me know what notifications I have. One thing i thought would we a cool feature, would be a tab to see whos followed you recently(or unfollowed). I myself like to head over to people who have recently followed me and see what they have to offer and decide if im going to follow back or not. I know there are pages out there to find the info, but to have it on the app would be a cool feature for quick app usage. Instead of posting or commenting, youd be able to easily just go looking and see what people offer in times where you have limited ability to look at your phone :D Just a quick thought.
Again wicked awesome app, I look forward to all the amazing work you and your team are putting into this.
Im not a programmer or coding guy at all, but if you ever need someone to help out in really simple and easy ways, let me know. I would be more than willing to :D
Cheers now

ia m agree

Hey there @good-karma, I am totally elated to learn about this upcoming feature on eSteem. You are a life saver, I must say. Till now I had to switch between eSteem and, to get this info. Now with this update, info on eSteem will be at our disposal. A fantastic news for all of us. Cheers..!!

i am agree

The is awesome, Steemit on one's mobile! Great post @good-karma!

Thank you goo-karma

Well, thanks for sharing.
I come from Indonesia, I am very happy and interisting about ypur share.
If you have time you can visit my blog, I have new post about Indonesian steemit community friendship.
Maybe you like it.


Good progress on the app. Can get a bit of a lag at times but it is definitely cool. Good job with so many new features!

Wow. I didn't know we have an app for this. Thank you for sharing! Newbie here. Now i woll just download it on playstore.

i followed u becoz of ur all positive and great informations nice job

Thank you for this priceless information.

Thanks for the priceless information.

Thank you for this new and helpful addition.

Esteem go to good app and easy to use.. We like that


@good-karma esteem ! keep it up! and thanks again for following!

That sounds very useful and solves a lot of problems with the web version of Steemit. It can really show most recent activities like new followers and resteems as they happen? Awesome! 👍

This is a great idea. I especially struggle with mentions as I can't find them after I read them. Replies I can usually just look through to see which I haven't read yet but if a mention was in the other users post I would have to look through all posts on my feed and hope that I was following the person who mentioned me!

Great idea, I love how every update is adding new great features!

Darryl @dadview

I am using this app.
very nice.......

I cant barely keep up with the these mate, you guys work at a different. If only i could understand and create similar apps/projects on my own.
Thanks for @esteem,lovely mate.Appreciate it.

Thank you for sharing this information! will patiently wait for it ..

Nice post @good-karma,good information.
Thanks friends.

That's good information. I wait new fitur on steemit. And thank you for you cause you always vote my post

Sounds like an interesting app I will ckeck it out when it's available

It is already available on AppStore and Google Playstore!

Great idea , it will help steemit family a lot

Started using the app today, it's is great, I spend lots of time commuting, I can now curate content on the go. It is a pity it keeps crashing, but I realize it will be improved. Keep the good work! Thanks!

the post of the day. Hoping for something special more from your side.

Incredible for the latest features of esteem, hopefully future progress for esteem and thanks for @good-karma for this info.

Apps such as this, that allow users to easily use SteemIt really get the blood flowing. One of the biggest reasons FB is so widely used is the mobile app.
I can wait till the day comes where Steem blows FB outta the water!

Nice! Now i don't have to go to steemd on my phone!

It's a very interesting feature and make this app high level.. but i have many problem using this app it shows bandwidth limit exceed. Please help

I am still a newcomer to steam. There are still many things I need to learn from this steem. I like your post and I can know how the Activity manager is in steam. Please keep me post about steem.

wow amazing

Great explanation

The more complete more better... more better the more users! Always wait update E-STEEM!! goog work @good-karma... success is always for

This is a super hyper mega duper update. Can't wait for it.

This is perfect. I actually want to report a bug as well. Every time when I click on the notification, it doesn't show me the relevant thing, rather take me to the trending page. I missed some of the mentions due to this problem.

Thank you for your comment and feedback! Yes that is reported bug happening on some devices which was strange. Activity manager got you covered from next version you would be able to check Activity log and find what notification it was...

Wow that's great!!!

👊 Se ya around👊

Wow this is awesome thanks a lot for the update.

Thank you! I have been using eSteem on both of my phones. It comes on handy while I'm at work or away from my computer. Upvote for you!

Esteem looks great, but i don't have a cellphone. Will I be able to use the app on my I-Pad?

I am looking forward to use the new feature. Love it. Sounds really very good! Thank you for all the work you put into this app!

when ll be avaible on IOS?

this is such great news that tool looks amazing to stat on top of steemit activity and be able to interact on time

Awesome, great tool.

You're doing a fine job with this app, please keep it up.

It's cool! I hope you can advance this awesome app more! Still there are might be some issues but it's very good :) I used it when I was away from pc, I even made some posts ;)

This sounds great! Ive gotta figure out how to use these tools.

Oh yes, this is what I was waiting for. The Activity manager is a superb addition to the app. May be @good-karma you can update the push notifications because sometimes it doesn't work as it's supposed to and you have to check everything manually via the app when it does that. Anyway thanks for this and have a great Sunday. Cheers 👍

@good-karma amazing when you voting of steemit thanks very much you have give some knowladge for me folloe me @mukliss

Nice work @good-karma, its a two sided sword as i am happy to see you have put these great functionalities into your product but saddened to see that steemit is not willing to do quite the same !! But i guess the coin steem is good on any frontend and so let the best front end win )

I saw that update even from esteem app today.
Nice feature.

But, still have some lagging or crushing problems. Is it needed latest android version? Because on the phone that i have right now maximum can be 4.4.2.


Above features are coming in next version and we have also made some improvements. It should work fine with Android 4.4.2.

Aha... hope it will with that old android till i will renew the phones.

Thank you

You get my 100% upvote @good-karma !!

eSteem is an amazing app and I hope you keep getting lots of funding to make it even better! One thing I think would be a HUGE help would be this;

SELL STEEM/SBD FOR LTC [# - $ - Sign] - To Wallet

(Or maybe any other Altcoin). This would be very useful!
I like the internal market feature I am looking at it right now.
eSteem can become the center of daily Steem commerce.

If I can show people

how easy it (could be) to sell a little liquid Steem for LiteCoin
I can see people viewing Steemit much more seriously.

Thank you @darkflame! Integration of Changelly, Blocktrades and/or Shapeshift is on todo list which I think would be very helpful starting point. Step by step adding all these pieces together to have circular economy for users, they earn, sell, buy and everything they need will be within app at least that the hope and vision. Getting there takes some time but with incremental iterations we will get there :)

Hurry! Can't wait much longer! Lol

Tukar ke Indonesia
From the description of @good-karma, it looks like we will more easily manage the Steemit account in the Activity Manager feature. I, and other eSteem users, would welcome the presence of this Activity Manager. I'm sure this will be a great manager, more powerful than MU manager, Mourinho.

I just hope the addition of these features will not slow down eSteem operations.

Thank you @goord-karma and your great team. We appreciate your achievements.

This is very good information but try to open in the phone of my father who uses android technology and does not work

Good news
I had to check comments from time to time to see who replied on my comments cuz sometimes i remove the notifications and so..

This option will be so useful.


I am using this app.
very nice thank

Hii.. @good-karma Nice update and with a more beautiful view... When can i accept this apdate application .. i can not wait for update because it looks more interesting .. Good jobs and thank you..

Looking forward to that update the app has been a little glitchy so im hoping it will be better this time around. Even though it messes me around sometime it bearable and i still love it ability to interact with the community even if you not at your pc.
Well done guys

Nice post bro. Thanks for this