eSteem Android: extra for password lost users

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Thank you @good-karma, My pasword is back...

Hello Brother,
How to get your lost password?

you just follow the instructions that have been written by @good-karma in the post, and your account is still logged in with the application, if it is out may not be possible anymore.

hai my witness @good-karma, this is a great help to steemians who lost their passwords, this is very helpful to them, can me to translate indonesia language this post.

this information is very useful when translated in Indonesian, so that citizens of Indonesia better understand about steemit

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Nice information!
Are you saying that when i misplaced my password i can retrieve it back if am using esteem app?
Though am no praying to loose my password and am loving this app because its very easy to use.

It is not password recovery feature, but rather shows your saved private keys that is already stored on your device you can write them down on a paper and keep them safe

Am using the app and I love it...
Tnx for the reply....happy steeming

Terimakasih atas informasinya @good-karma

That's useful. eSteem usually takes a long time to load for me though, so it's not that useful.

OK, gotten that

good information brother..
so,if I forget my password email how to sign in?and my number phone is cannot use again.

Anyone we help the poor also is very poor by voting, please give us vote thanks

Yes good karma is the bast

Anyone we help the poor also is very poor by voting, please give us vote thanks

Just use a password manager like keepass to safe your passwords, make a local backup of your password manager db, make at least 1 cloud backup of the same password database and never lose the password of keepass!!!

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Thanks for sharing !!! I will follow your words!!

I love you @ good-karma. I like those posts that are @ good-karma post.
nah i am a new kid / student in steemit please @ good-karma teach me
please give me @ good-karma .....

hello @good-karma

how can i get the account password back
if i lose it

please help me
Thanks for you @good-karma

Talegrame apps esteem group i am cant't send messages but why . How to solved this problem ?

I was opening my 2nd id and I was still copying it but the password is no longer logged in

Password Wrong

Rilis masa depan tidak akan memiliki tab Keys, ini hanya rilis yang luar biasa untuk orang-orang yang kehilangan kata sandinya # @good-karma
Saya sangat menyukai informasi yang anda bagikan.

Your post was always good as usual broo
U r giving always new information
Thank you @good-karma

Thanks for friends, This way my account can be maintained..

Muy buen post amigo buena app para sacar de apuros a muchos saludos desde Venezuela.

Hi @good-karma
I want to know why it is now difficult to get passwords I have listed about 15 days. I use Malaysian number

My name is muhammad rizal
I'm a new member
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la tecnología es un arma de doble filo, muchas personas aprovechan sus destrezas y logran entrar a cuentas de cualquier tipo. sin duda es mejor tener mas precaución.
Technology is a double-edged sword, many people take advantage of their skills and manage to enter accounts of any kind. It is certainly better to have more caution.
gracias por el apoyo...

Thank you @good-karma..for this customers satisfaction.

I learned that you are helping a lot to achieve something good here
I hope to be one of these members
Greetings to you and to the wonderful publication
I hope to be your friend

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Your post was always good as usual broo
U r giving always new information
Thank you

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hopefully the lost password can reuse the steemit account

follow @yanisbreakers

hopefully the lost password can reuse the steemit account

help karma pack, I just entered

i always try do that.but sometimes I forgot my password with gmail account.But I noted that and all password and gmail account name write on notebook.

Salam kenal @good-karma dari saya pemula, jangan lupa kunjungi blog saya ya @nurria, thank's you my frend

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Yippee, that's a very good innovation, now our passwords r in safe hands

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eSteem Android so safe... great

for U mr good karma,
I am a newbee.......
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I am still a beginner, I really need a lot of information from you @ good-karma,
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Nice info, but unfurtunenelly iam ios user, and i have a litte problem with my esteem app, its alwasy restart or crash when i use esteem app more a hours, hope will improved, iam new in steemit, i hope can get help from all the steemitian, thanks for all bruhh.

thank @good-karma this article is very helpful

Nice info. Thanks for sharing this
I'm @lorenzo1420

One of my friend steemit logdin in esteem and pasword lost .in your this app we find som kees but where is our man pasward

Resteemed for public info. Good step to help in password recovery. eSteem is improving day by day.

Thank you! It is not same as steemit password recovery, feature only shows your saved passwords in case you didn't saved them anywhere else... will update post to clarify ;)

Confusing indeed. I wasn't talking about the account recovery feature eaither. Knowing the saved password if not saved elsewhere becomes extremely important.

Thanks you about this information @good-karma, 😊🙏

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Thanks Good-karma we find our 2 password nic aap esteem withe kee love you

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Happy always..

Thankyou information

Postingan sangat berguna

Terima kasih atas informasi nya juga follownya

Thanks for sharing this information
Good job @good-karma

it is very steady application @good-karma

Thanks for this information we do not afraid for lossing our account and we can recovery our account with the esteem, this app so important.

It's really helpfully to whom losed their password, but it's doesn't mean that we should abandon the way how to keep our password safely, because we have to trust no one till they got our password and realise what can they do to our steemit account

I did lost my password before...
Thanks good-karma for advice. This very useful for beginner like me.

I have a problem with the server. I've updated the app to 1.5.1. please help me to get connected with the server. thank you

I really like your post friends and your post is very good I am glad to be able to join you thanks steemit friends good for sharing interesting things I can learn from you

how to find the password included @good-karma

Thank you to sharing this theme...its help us....

Thank you for the information

Good information

thanks, i will keep safety

mr.@good-karma i need your guidance on how to play steem, i have very long wait, i hope someday meet someone who can guide me.

Hey bro can you help me out resteem my one post

Terimakasih atas pengalaman yang diberika kepada kami pendatang baru

I lost an account

thanks for information mister @good-karma

Your posts are good and I keep following you because you are motivated for me @good-karma

Good stuff! Hopefully this will help all newbies on Steem!

Really very useful feature, thank you for informing us, I will definitely use it and recommend it to my followers :)

Good I like...

Thanks for sharing

Terimakasih untuk informasinya @good-karma

my boss lost the password, the boss can help me, my account name dinfanfem, posting very good

to @good-karma can you try an esteem version of the window because for us windows users is the need to always open the browser so I beg you if could you please try version windownya thank you

Hello @good-karma, very good information for users, mainly new, I have heard from many, who have had to open new accounts because they did not save their password, if they allow me to translate this publication, in Spanish so that it is available for users, speaks Spanish .

this is very helpful thanks @good-karma

In our days we ought to take precaution from hackers, interresting informations, readinng this is like a gift, thank u and i hope to see more from u , great job

Very nice post about extra for password lost users, that is useful for me and another @good-karma.

Thank you for the information


what if lost password?
whether the password can return?