eSteem - Android v1.3.2 released, Reading Time, Tablet layout, Navigation improvements, Editor update and more

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Thanks to lord @good-karma
You are providing very important info in terms of technological advancements today
I am very happy to keep abreast of steemit
With this again increased knowledge that I learned about steemit
You are incredible sir

Using app now. Working well.

Great nurev, let me know if you find any issues

The good news, thank you!

Welcome, Let me know how it works...

Great, thanks for the update! -resteemed

you are welcome Jonas! Thanks for resteem ;)

Excellent update. I really like the infinite scrolling changes, having to reload every 8 or so posts was a bit tedious. The new logo is much more eye catching, and thematically resonant with the name. Getting rid of the side scrolling to sort the the post types is also a step in the right direction, as this would frequently switch accidentally when scrolling down. Overall, great job.

Thanks @dahaz159 for the feedback! Yes, feedback from you, users, helping to bring more improvements and as we progress you should see much better user experience.

Thank you for posting @good-karma. Appreciate what you are doing for Steemians out there....For bleujay; esteem is an absolute necessity...thank you for making it possible to post through the app.

Enjoyed your interview with @nexgen22.

I am posting his with it. I am very glad for this while the webpage kills chrome for android an app is so much awesome. On first blush it seems much faster.

Thank you Loki for the feedback, glad to see that performance has increased.

I did have a problem just now with posting an edit but it could have been network. The navigation is fast and the feed auto-refreshes, much faster than facebook (or maybe quality per pixel wise anyway 😎)


yes, twice app stuck in busy when posting an edit. I wish I could help more.

Will check edits issue, thanks!

Thank you for the update I have not yet upgraded but I like the sound of the updates. Looking forward to using it soon.

you are very welcome, let me know how updates works out for you.

So far the update works much better. I miss the pull down to refresh the page but much easier now to change from feed to new etc. Curating and replying work great so far. I do like the read time it really does help. I also like that I'm not limited to loading 8 stories at a time. Wonder if there could be a better way to know if I'm following the person who wrote the article or an easier way to follow them. As for actual posting I use my desktop but for commenting like this one I used the app without any issue. Basically I love the app when not at home. Thank you hope this review helps.

Thank you @smysullivan for feedback! Really appreciate it. Glad you liked the changes, after you open post I think we can try to show if author is on you following list...

That would be nice could be like the vote button next to the user name.

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Login refinements. I input accidentally a cut off posting key. There was no warning about length issues. The app hangs and freezes then AND when I put in a one letter username.

Thanks @landmine for the feedback! Login page indeed need some refinements on design and now on code, we will check this and fix on next release...

You are my first reply to my first post and did it within minutes to boot. I can feel the blockchain power. Yea it is all about refining the on ramps for super novices to be seamless and I D 10 T proof. I wasted 4 hours of my life trying to help a friend login to his funded Steemit account on his and my desktop. Love your app. You are filling a need. Hope you are going to get a worthy reward.

Thanks, yes we only seeing tip of iceberg and Steem can do much more. I am sure you will find out soon with more interesting project announcements, community engagement, etc.

Settings (and thus notifications) still don't save.

That's strange, which means your device is not receiving notification token... Have you had this issue on previous version?

yes. I will check. also had a problem with steemfest app. 4.4 and 6 android versions.

It seem to work now, right? With notifications being saved and device receiving token... Would you mind telling what helped?! Thanks

I dug around with root browser after a uninstall, even changed my password, and I found the location where configurations are stored and I could see all the notifications are set to active. I think it could be a permissions thing with the apk, it doesn't appear to have permissions for notifications.

Thank you Loki, if app doesn't have permission for notifications then I know what might cause that... Fix will come with next update, great that you have noticed that..

I do test with Android 6, don't seem to have any issues though... appreciate reporting back so I can cross test with other devices and fix issue with next update. Also, logout and restart app, login back might solve token retrieval issue.

I will try that and a full reinstall

as I mentioned, In app permissions I don't see notifications. I will continue to probe

It really helped me

I get it, perfect, thanks

Thanks @good-karma give me your advice

Interesting article

BTW, the new logo for me evokes trollface and foreveralone face. Which amuses me.

really :) I thought you can take it as smile in a way, moving upwards

Nice app 😃

Follow back bro

A very good post.

Greetings @good-karma. Would you be able to seems the upload for photos is failing...says upload failed....repeatedly and instantly...have tried turning off and on again but without correction....

Hey @bleujay, thanks for report! Backend server crashed, it has been restarted, please try again! ;)

Thank you for your reply @good-karma. The picture loads now, no problem, however the post refuses to be submitted..... have deleted app and tried again....restarted ipad....the submit post notification simply spins....sorry for the trouble.

Will keep trying...thank you.

iOS update is submitted for review should be available in couple days. Please look out for iOS release post. It should hopefully fix issue.

Thank you @good-karma. Very kind of you to reply.

All the best.

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