eSteem Android: v1.5.1 released, Bug fixes, Golos removed and other changes

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My to go app for ios.
Esteem has been a life saver for a lot cause not a lot of people own a PC but they have a smartphone.
Keep on steemin'

Wow, this app has transformed so well!

Thank you @good-karma for this update. It was damn required and the necessary changes will definitely come in handy, I believe.

Happy to join Steemit!!!

Yes Thank you! Iam very pleased wit this news... WE needed something to make transactions easier!! Yay!! I will definitely share this news....Steem is a wonderful platform and my Android will be loving it too....


wooowww.. this is good news for steemian..
hopefully make steemian easier in making transactions and using steemit.

good, slalu be the best. The picture is steady.

Great news for Steemit!

thank yoy inforation friends @good-karma, I am one of the subscribers of esteem users

Wonderful news. I was really missing the activity options due to bad servers. I will update and share detailed feedback. I may have to update my eSteem guide soon after Golos removal. Good luck!

Thanks to the release the latest version of eSteem for android, I have tried, and my first impression is, this application is much lighter than previous versions, very easy to open it even in super slow internet as in our place

Thank you so much I will download it now and I upvote you as witness you deserve.

Wow this is amazing, and hopefully it will be even better and easier, Thanks for share @good-karma

@good-karma thank you for the information, hopefully the future of eSteem application is growing :)

Since I've met the esteem app I've been in love with it since then.

Thanks for share this info, i had choice @good-karma as withness, thanks for always support me in steemit.

Thanks for update, @good-karma.
But still freeze after reading not so much comments (more than 10), there is no problems to read thousands messages in channels in telegram, but in eSteem read comments so hard.
Well, i resume testing.
After freezing app, all tunings are reset, f.e. "currency"

Goood luck... nice release...

wow.. it was badly needed update. thumbs up

Thank you @good-karma for this update. It was damn required and the necessary changes will definitely come in handy, I believe.👌👌

@good-karma Have the app running on my device already image

Thanks for sharing to inform others

Am always motivated and inspired whenever i see @good-karma post. I hope to get to his level of expertise someday!😢

with these changes so much for the future, my friend

Feature suggestion: Spam proof messaging.

If you add a convenient IM style interface to use transfers with encrypted memos, plus a filter to hide any transfer below a configurable balance from that interface we'd have a highly spam resistant message system.

posstingan nice, i've upvote you, do not forget my upvote @azhariari

nice information @good-karma. thank you very much have approved the esteemapp. I should try it.

It's so cool that you are constantly working to improve the app. It helps many people to be always in the know platform. So I support you as a witness. Your contribution to the community is great, thanks!

your post is very useful, I like, keep going and prosper @good-karma

@good-karma a very good post can hopefully add insight

Good information @good-karma. Thanks for ur sharing and best regards..

Cool! Thanks for the update! Prior to this version, my notification bar goes black when I use eSteem.

I used to have to drag the bar down to check the time or other notices. Now, it's showing everything - all good!


Thanks for confirming that your issue has been addressed! ;)

Thank to information @ good-karma amazing post follow me

very useful information, thanks @good-karma
I like it very much

I've just caught the update. Seems to work a little bit faster for me now.

Golos removal is staged, but once everything is cleared out completely, it should be much faster I believe...

increasingly helping the steemans all in developing👍👍👍

Thanks for update

  • I ALwasy participate in the steemit.
    Steemit always growing up and up
    I hope I will do better here


thanks for news..

very good information and useful and needed. good luck always for us.

significant renewal, may this update be gently accepted to all users.

very nice info. i will instantly update it to a more okay version/@anwars thanks @good-karma

I'm looking forward to these improvements. I am a frequent user of the esteem app and I put up with the itches. it will be interesting to know that they have been fixed now.

Thanks to the team. Thanks @good-karma

ok thanks for the @good-karma information

Bi have upvote you. Don't forget upvote me.

YfoTerikasih info is good karma

Terimakasih @good-karma informasi tersebut sangat membantu ,dan lebih mudah dalam transaksi

thanks @good-karma, have shared a very interesting post, I really like your post,

Thank you very much esteem will be alot easier to use now

Thaks you.
This is a good news for me

Semoga menjadi yang terbaik

Thanks for your informations

Nice friends

wow I'm so happy to hear this good news.
and hopefully with this update will be more advanced.
I will tell all my friends.
thank you @good-karma

Good news for all of us, thank you very much for the information, it is very useful, success always. @good-karma

Iam using this app since last 1 month...
Thnx for such good quality app
I like to share below problem which can b improved to serve much better
1 transaction cant b done thr wallet here.
2.cant see followers and ppl we following.. keep freezing each 10 min.
4.once the app is minimize we cant go to that page again when me maximize.. The app restart..
5.reputation keep showing 25 when it is more then that..
Waiting for update ty..

It's a good news

Been waiting for this for a while now! Thanks.

good brother esteem

i downloaded this yesteday what a great app so easy to post now without all the hassle of the image url and when your using your mobile what a nightmare it was to post thanks for this app :)

i am using it!

Well,, we every day wait the new update of application of eSteem ,, thank @good-karma
Regards @originalworks

Best @good-karma
Please vote my post
Thanks you

Thanks, I have been waiting. @good-karma

thanks for sharing this post sir... always give us update..

Really a very useful app..such as after this fixation of bugs thanks..

Very nice. Some of the features here are great! Wish it was also a full on website for desktop sometimes. I've used the app every now and then. I like how I can see my Dtube followers through this.

Information yang luar biasa

thanks for informaaation! Greaat

Postingan saudara sangat membantu menambah wawasan kami tentang penggunaan media. Luar biasa terimakasih banyak.

I'll try it

i like app! I use it

Finally I have to wait this more than two months. Thank you for your dedication sir @good-karma. More power!!!

May it run smoothly and perfectly

Please bro both me and follow me I want to follow you

May it run smoothly and perfectly

eSteem Android: v1.5.1 released, Bug fixes, Golos removed and other changes

Wow!! This is good news and I'm downloading it immediately.

Esteem is one of the application I used most to access steemit and create my posts.
The last version had been very buggy but I'm happy cus I believe this new version will address those issues.

Big thanks to @good-karma for this amazing app and for sharing.

Happy Steeming

hooreee ,, thanks for the update
your application is the best @good-karma

Alhamdulillah for now fine, all programs, thank you for sharing important info. @good-karma

thank you for your useful and good post new steemian

Great news @good-karma. Very good.

Thank for sharing...
Neutulong follback cit 😁

Nice progress. Looking for the using the app even more. Thanks.

Good job mr.@good karma

Great solution for steemeans. Will be easy using aplication for steemit. Thank you @goodkarma. I wating it.

Help me,please follback 😊

Thanks @good-karma for sharing these amazing esteem updates...esteemapp has now grown to become default app to access Steemit on the go...Keep up the good work with improving esteem even further.

good news for steemit using self esteem application, thank you @good-karma for information

this is great news for all steemit users

In my phone is very slow this app LG G4 Stylus :'(

Coool!! Thank you

@good-karma amazing solution,thanks you for your post, follow me please

this is easy aplication steemit always update for its user

Thanks for this great app and the update!
The app is running much smoother and faster than before.
Good work @good-karma.
But I have a question.
I get every notification from eSteem twice at the same time.
Is this a known issue or is it just on my smartphone?

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