eSteem - Feature Set #18, Change Server when other becomes inaccessible!

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i'm so glad to see esteem updates. A few weeks ago i didnot even know that steemit has it own application and this this second update since im using it. Thats amazing:)

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I am using de V.1.5.0.

But I put another server between the choices. The server:, and with that choice is turn grewn, is ok?

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I tried this app it has got some improvements from the previous version, but there is very much to fix yet, I am using android 6.0.1 I wish it works better

If you could be more specific we can make sure to look into those issues

When we open the app it takes lot of time to load photos and some times we see only texts and not the photos which are attached to the content
I took the screen shot of the app right now
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If it is consuming much data, you can use Compact view from Settings to save bandwidth from downloading images

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