Thanks for detailed information. I will update it soon.

Esta actualiación nos puede facilitar muchos las cosas a los que preferimos utilizar un dispositivo móvil

$0.78 self-upvote for these two sentences?
I have no words.

greetings from venezuela friend, great work this update is very strong to help us for the ease of many things for those who use a mobile The new version eSteem Mobile 2.0.6 is good. Keep greetings

If you live in the USA you best know what's going to happen to you soon;

I liked!


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That's cool. I like the all new app. It's a quite fast scrolling now and smooth actions, new posts are populating even faster than on Steemit :)

However when you click on the actual post there's a lag for about 3-4 seconds which is a very long time for a mobile app. That would be really cool if you can speed this up to 1 second, maybe even milliseconds. It's is a huge deal when you're dealing with UX. I know that can be challenging cause I used to write apps as well but it is a critical element for customers' satisfaction.

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Thanks dmitry! Do you mean opening of post could be faster? In next update we will try to improve markdown parsing that should help

Yeah. Opening the post has some time delay.

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I will do the update, looks awesome! Leaderboards motivate others to do even better, lets do it people! Upvoted and resteemed!

Thanks good-karma for the new update steemapp.

The new version eSteem Mobile 2.0.6 is good. Keep up greetings.

gracias por la informacion, estare atento para descargarla

The new version eSteem Mobile 2.0.6 is good. Keep up greetings.

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I really like the new version. Excellent job.

Thanks! 👍

I just installed this app and uninstall previous version of this App. I think it will be better!

Great, we will eventually deprecate legacy version!

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Love you and your team @good-karma ❤️

Thank you @rebeccabe for your support and love! 🤗

After sharing the bug reports on github, how can I be rewarded?

Make sure you use and create post about bug, share link with us on discord or in comments, that way we and utopian will reward you! Happy bug hunting 😉

Oh okay thanks @good-karma. I already reported two bugs on Github and Utopian. Already scored and upvoted.

good afternoon. I'm new here tell me about this website more

Visit to learn more

Can't wait for the iOS update, the new interface looks amazing @good-karma

Thank you @ashtv! iOS release is should be ready soon too... 🤗

Great job! I will have to try this version soon!

Thanks, do let me know if you find some issues, we are iterating updates almost every week until we flush out all bugs

Look better... @good-karma 👍

Post Edit Issue is still there

I am able to add new words in old post but unable to remove old words from old post.

Are you sure you are using latest 2.0.6 update? Because it should be fixed.

Yes I am checking in 2.0.6.

Could you share screenshot or screencast, please? Also please don't forget to mention Android version and device type, thanks!

I will share video for whole process either in discord channel or by a post after some time. Just got up now.

Final Obsevation

  1. Edit of post function is working if post has been created by esteem v2 2.0.6 (latest release). I checked it on my new post which was created by me yesterday.

  2. Yesterday i updated esteem v2 and tried to edit my old post using v2 2.0.6 which was created using esteem v2 first release but I can only add some new word on that and couldn't remove any words which was looking weird.

Hi. What is a Leaderboard?

Leaderboard of top users on eSteem!

Just begab Resteem, and now with this update gonna began my steem journey in android too

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Thank you so much @good-karma and for your entire team. I will be downloading it today... Thank you for your hard work.

Thank you! 🙏 Please do let me know feedback or change suggestions, we will work on them right away, our loyal top users opinion really matters for us and adds huge value for decisions making on what feature should be prioritized 🤗

is it available in iphone?

Posted using Partiko iOS

iOS release will come out soon

Thats awesome I just joined!! I'm about to download now!!

If you need a beta tester for the Iphone, let me know.
Great to see esteem improving time after time.

Community will be the first one to know when our iOS release is ready. Thank you! 🤗

It is looking better and better! Thank you!

Experience of our tops loyal users is very important, don't hesitate to reach out if you have suggestions, find inconvenience in UI or functionality etc. 🤗

I'm happy to see drafts, bookmarks and favorites and I am assuming that any other features will get added as you have them ready! This update makes v2 much more usable for me! I am predicting that I am going to love it!

One thing that I haven't yet figured out.... On my profile. The list of replies does not allow me to see if I have already responded to a comment or what the original post or conversation is that I'm replying to.

Good point, I will add this to our next update. We could show comment count or have indicator that you have already read/replied. Really useful feedback, please keep them coming!

When I am in my *profile,then *replies, not being able to click on the reply to go back to the original thread or previous comment keeps me going back to v1. I love the idea of a comment counter! It could provide a personal incentive to be more engaged than you were the day before before!

Thank you @good-karma for making esteem even more different and better

But I am a bit different. Like it is nice to use apps that are early and it's also easier to see posts and posts of other friends.

Does the initial version of the app no ​​longer work?

Do you mean legacy version 1.x? It will work until we have v2 with all features of 1.x, at that point we will look to deprecate it. So legacy version will work for at least few month

I mean, I prefer the previous version

For this new version, I don't really understand. Is it better to use this one from the first one

But I will try it

May I ask you a question
Do you respect posts must go through the curator

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Thank you for helping Steem to have such a great app ! Can’t wait for iOS version

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Thanks for showing interest, we are eager to release our iOS version which is much more faster and beautiful. Stay tuned!

Just installed it!

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Good news..
But but maybe still will find some bugs. because the application has not been officially released.

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I posted literally half an hour before this saying how the speed wasnt optimal,... Just downloaded the update here, and it seems much faster. Good work!!

Thanks for feedback, with each update we are improving performance as well as adding new features... look forward to see more of your posts

Omg, its pretty cool. Even i have already dowload a few days ago. I just started to login. Boommmm its pretty cool. Thanks

Thanks for this amazing information. This is cool. I will update mine also!

This is awesome

I am waiting for Iphone devices, hope will release soon :)

iOS release is on its way, stay tuned! 🤗

Just trying, thanks for info.

Please consider releasing on F-Droid!

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Super! Thanks for detailed information.

Thank you for saying inshallah soon i will update

Esteem mobile new version is good app i liked it

Are you planning g to do an iOS version? I would like to test it 😬

Posted using Partiko iOS

Yes iOS release is on the way. Stay tuned!

Set up currency analytics that you can use for free in my account You can see This @tradeexperts

This will simplify a lot

Thanks for detailed information. I will update it soon.

I just updated new version for my iPad. Tried a draft with the markdown code ##. It wasn’t working before and it does now to make bigger text when needed. I will check more when I finish my post.
I don’t know if imp. But emojis still not working.
Thanks @good-karma for all you do. Kind regards to you and your team.

We haven’t released new version for iOS devices yet, it will be ready in couple weeks

Thanks @good-karma. Haha, I uploaded something for eSteem the other day on Google Play..must have been version from awhile back.

gracias por la información, me sirve de mucho

nice good Mr. @good-karma
Keep going together together. we will always be with you

Tolle Neuigkeiten 👍
Danke, für die großartige Arbeit 😄... Ich finde die App super! 😊

In v2 is there a way to search by tags like there was in v1?

I tried eSteem Mobile 2.0.6, @good-karma. My impressions are here: I tested eSteem Mobile 2.0.6.
I find that the profile page I have on my phone does not resemble with that is in this post, does that mean I have an older version?

excelente articulo. Gracias por la informacion

Thanks, @good-karma, I’ll test it on my latest Samsung.

Please do, let me know if you find any issues or have suggestions. You can post them into our github as well.

Yeeees.Be faster.

Buena información,muy agradecido por qué me funcionó

I hope the glitches have been fixed too and the app won't lag now

this app does not work, it stops constantly and does not let me make any post.

Gracias esta es una excelente opción para los usuarios de Android :D

Exelente idea si eres de Android :D

Congratulations on the update!

ios app please thank you 😊

how about eos ?


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I've tried several posts using this version, eSteem Mobile 2.0.6. It's nice improvement because faster than the earlier version. Good job @good-karma and teams.

I have a question after using this version. I've confused when I'm publish a new post, It's always say that I posted it in "7 hour ago".

Thanks you.

Here's the screenshot. I published this post about 5 hour ago.


Thanks @yulismal! We have found a bug, update is coming soon to fix this issue.

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Daily News : news about the State of Steem @ 3 January

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thanks i will try this app

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