as a new user how would i be able to validate that you are 'who you say you are' and your application on the appstore/google store is legit? - i think that's a big thing for me to be able to trust your coding credientials. kinda what i'm looking for in blockchain in terms of open and transparent trust.. i'm downloading it but will do a little bit of research before logging in with my details with it! :)

Welcome to Steem!
Of course you should always check source code. Application is open-source btw, so there is no need to trust me, review the source code and previous posts for more details!

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I just subscribed posted my first blog with it, about the steemit fest happening in Montreal. The app it's a little bit glitchy, it wouldn't let me type text or edit once I wrote. I was however able to upload pictures, I had to logout to log back in to see what I uploaded... I will use this more and I really like the idea.

Thank you for the reply, I'm on an iOS.
Yes there are some glitches. I like how looks overall. When is the update coming out? Looking forward to the hatching of the awesome potential of this app. Also i can only do one upvote then i have to log out. When writing the blog loading the picture works but I can not delete or change the image to another image but this is a superduperawesome feature! Writing text is very limited. I'm excited for the update! The Bitcoin Embassy Blog was created with ESteem app. Today i was unable to post blogs write or upload, so when it's working you can be safe in the knowledge of knowing that i will happily try it out again.

Thank you nataliechickee for trying out the app. Some devices were having issues with it but latest update should fix it. Are you using it on Android or iOS?

The eSteem app seems non-functional over the last day or two. I am using iPhone7 and have been loving its functionality over the past few weeks.
Is there a known problem?

Congratulations!! Congratulations! Very good! I have given your fantastic APP to the Brazilian community.

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Built by @ontofractal

Great thanks :)


I loaded this on my Moto phone and it's locked up when I tried to log in... :(

Hi, you have Android? Did you use your username and password, you can also use posting private key to login? Let me know if it works

Hi, @good-karma - Thanks for responding. I just now pulled the app up on my phone, and it seems to be working now? It may take me a while to figure it all out now that it isn't just frozen. ;)

I'll let you know later if I get stuck again. The problem could simply be my phone, as I've had some other issues with it from time to time. Thanks again for checking in with me! :) :) :)

Thanks @creatr, looking forward to hear from you feedback!

Thanks master.

Incredible guys... it work :-)
Love it :-)

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