eSteem - Spotlight, top users and giveaway #10

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I like how you do this... it's a nice little added value to people using your app. I'm sure they appreciate it.

Yeah you are right we all support @good-karma for his great work. We appreciate him for his knowledge full post. Thanks

we can express in the application of @ good-karma. imagination is extraordinary.Thank you

I voted for you as witness. Can you upvote my articles?

Your way of asking is awesome such a dare 😁

how many days, after giving SBD, please give me information..

I will definitely use e-Steem.

@good-karma, this is so sweet of you.

Hope we have more of your kind who is selfless and who gives with all his heart.

esteem is just "bae"

You rock!

I will definitely use esteem.

Thanks @good-karma for being so generous with the give away to the esteem app users, it motivates a lot!

An award for new dedicated users will cool too, you know.

Thanks for creating an amazing application on steem blockchain, I included your application here, I hope you like what I wrote about here : The best for growth in Steemit !

esteem is an out-of-the-way mine that can produce very satisfying crypto ,, let's be alright we fix it ,,, hopefully we can take an experience with this ... success always for you my friend who spawned this esteemapp application may always triumph ....

Congrulations to all winners! Thank you for your work in platform steemit! You are very help user in steemit!

my name is Kelly but is usually go by kel for short

loving your app btw @good-karma =)

thank you good-karma for telling me to use steemchat

Thank @good-karma I have download esteem at play store. Your aplication is very useful for us. I always wait for your update because I know in your posting there are knowledge for us.

If there anyone to teach me how to use this aplication.. Plaese

I Have download the esteem but I don't know tu use it.

Go to @good-karma posting to learn about esteem. there are lot of tutorial from begin to advanced about that aplication. CMIW

Thank you @good-karma you are very motivating me.

It no doubt the app esteem that i have been use for six month is easy to use and completely. But i am not trying to use prevate chat menu yet. It ia best app now. And it canbe use not only one accnt but also some accnt in queue.

Wow. I just got to know of this today. Hopefully would get to start for next months reward.

Congrats to all winners.

Thanks to @esteem @good-karma for encouraging this great idea..


y @good-karma we will try to do better in digging esteem and steemit, we will do our best to get the prize

thank you for the information @good-karma

wow good idea for #eSteem application users. But I really hope that the developers of this application to continue to be developed because we beginners in #steemit very dependent with the upvote of the high officials of this #eSteem application

Thanks... your shering this spotlight Mr. @good-karma


Upvote and resteem done dear ..I alwys see your post..I appreciate for your post..

All the best and important post sir.Thank you so much sir.

I always support you brother...
Bravoo brother @good-karma...

I am your fan

Best regard

come join to with me in or ....

No. Sorry...
I LOVE eSteem ...
I like @good-karma for my witnes!!!

You are a very great person, and it makes me eager to play esteem and you are a great person, please upvote me for my spirit of playing stemit.

Great appreciation given by @ good-karma.

Thanks a lot @good-karma. I just downloaded it for my iPhone and so far it looks pretty good :)

good post and interesting, hay me newcomer in steemit, so please criticize and comment from @good karma, so that i can play good and good steemit, thanks ter

Never knew about this. Hopefully will start very soon

Apps esteem no longer interesting for us because there are certain things that make us very disappointed ,,

Actually this application is very good and profitable,but our disappointment is because many post categorized less weight even get appreciation from curator, while other post more nice even not paid attention, should treat in fair way ..

So,then language problem why there are people who do not do post in english, the reason is because what they write we pay attention even not translated according to that in mean, so many people prefer to write in the local language of each so that can be understood better and does not cause misunderstandings .. why when we do not post in the English language makes us rarely noticed by the curator, should be fair with just so everyone is satisfied with his work for getting attention ., minimum translator their language into the language desired by the reader just like us when we want to understand the post in a language that we do not understand ...

Clean up the esteem more advanced, do not let people turn away from you ...

Thank you.

This happens everywhere in every language and not just with esteem app.

Even english people have a hard time to get noticed by a curator too. STEEM is a big place. It takes a long time to get noticed.

You are only level 31 do this for an entire year and get up to level 65 or higher, and then you will get noticed more.

Nice goodkarma
Like help me please

thank you for all your support so far to us steemit friends, I really appreciate your kindness and concern to us, may you always succeed, steemit is number one

Thanks for this information.

Terimakasih buat goodkarma yang selalu ada buat pemula seperti saya dan terus memotivasi pemula yang menggunakan steemit atau aplikasi esteem...!!

Thanks @good-karma this post is very good and important for everyone...

Luar biasa karya saudara @good-karma
Terus berkarya buat kepentingan orang banyak, terbukti hari ini karya bisa dinikmati oleh orang banyak.

Thank you @good-karma hope you are always successful, continue with your program.

hello friend how are you now forgetting my vote ok.s really hope you guys vote me because i do not know how to steemit.ttd ayipeciaceh🙏🙏🙏💘> steemit

Great to share of top Ten eSteem.
CongrAts for the top ten Winers of eSteem
Thanks for share with us.

hello kawan apa kabar.jangan forgot my vote ok. i really hope you guys vote me because i do not know how to steemit.ttd ayipeciaceh🙏🙏🙏💘> steemit

hi gan please upvote my comen okay. please do not forget my friends

thanks @good-karma posting very nice and useful for me @rezarizkii and other steemit friends. I am very grateful to the @good-karma who has made an esteem apalication that makes it easier for me to post in steemit. please support me forward. jangam forgot to visit my blog @rezarizkii thank you very much

thanks good-karma for the information..i love it

From today i start to use esteem and i already posted by this software.


thanks @goodkarma hopefully with the changes and kamujuan this application will make the users steemit more careful and clever in using this application

Interesting post @good-karma 👍, thanks also have several times dropped in my post it really helped me

Congratulations create the winner, which has not been lucky do not get discouraged.

This is a great post. Users in steemit could be very active to post and comments here not just because they could earn and learn but also they can also get an award by just being active here.

Congrats winners. looks like it's time to see the rules for the same.

I open my esteem app probably a 100 times each day and use it religiously so maybe it's time to put all of it to use here 🤔

Thans, I'm going to try esteem out. It would be better than always having a browser tab open!

It takes almost 100 comments per day to be the first commentator - quite something.

Now I'll have to download the app and start using it. @good-karma, you are doing good job with esteem.

I'll resteem this for my followers to read.

Very interesting post @good-karma..
Success for you..

Thank good-karma, i also want to be top earner with your upvote 😁😄

i think i will become top post in few mount :D
thanks @good-karma

Thanks a lot for posting mr @good-karma, I've been searching and downloading prices in the play store. Your application is very useful for all of us. I and my friends all over Aceh in particular and Indonesia always waiting for new posts and upvote from you, because your post is very we need to grow in the world @steemit. thank you very much already present @steemit application which is very useful for us all.

Nice post.. Thx

Just resteem your post in your update, so helpfull and interesting will participate

Thank you so much @good-karma

post about imformation is very interesting thanks a lot you have given good feedback.

I will download the apps. Thank you for being generous in sharing this to us. You got my 100% support here. Congrats also to the users of esteem

I will definitely use e-Steem

i hope will get it

Conratulation to those accounts choosed to gain gift from esteem appl. Next is my turn.. hhhh. Great man great project. Thank to the owner of great appl esteem.

I hope its fore, I can get it

please give some improvement for low level smartphone like Xiaomi Redmi 2. Sometimes i having lag when doing multitasking from one menu to other.
And also lag when i'm created a post.
Thank for make steemit experience more good with eSteem

When asking for things like this, it is important to mention your Android version number. It is not all hardware. There is Android software running on each phone that can be different. Not all of Android versions are exactly the same.

I am from Indonesia 🇮🇩 follow me @yasir123. I love @good-karma

Thank u very much @good-karna..nice post..

I am new to esteem and don't know how it works, do I stand any chance here?

WOOOOHOOO! Thank you so much for your very generous prizes! Congrats to everyone!

Wow wonderful ,very immpresive job.

Want to try and be like the winner above. Hopefully time gives me the best way

@good-karma Will you help me? It's been 3 days my esteem app can not operate normally, so I have the constraint to keep playing my app esteem...
Everytime I open it..just get hereScreenshot_20180222-173817.jpg

..please @good-karma help me.


Did you fully shutdown, power off, and reboot your phone?

Yes I've tried it ... but still can not do that way

Finally I deleted my esteem app and I downloaded again .. this way I think it works because there has been no obstacle for a while

Thanks mr @intelliguy fo u Suggestion..

thank you @good-karma an interesting program, and should be achieved hopefully later I will succeed in steemit

eSteem is the best....@good-karma, congratulations to those who have been awarded

Always succes for you @good-karma , and for all user of steemit to. I hope we can share the vote everytime

very helpful to us @ good-karma hopefully more extraordinary future. Thanks.

Thanks @good karma ...good information

Good post, pleas upvote me

Thanks @good-karma, I am so much more the spirit of esteem app using

to come, my name will be there, hopefully

i installed esteem apps.
really awsm.

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