eSteem Surfer reimagined UI/UX, preview

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Thanks for the post @good-karma! I am almost convinced to jump on this.

I have not tried this Dapp out yet, but it looks quite interesting. Here are a few questions;

  1. Is the slider function unlocked at 500 SP like

  2. Will this Dapp be able to talk to other Dapps? For example, if you are using steempress for your website, would the post be able to port from the site and through your program?

  3. What is the percentage taken from rewards on this platform?

  1. Voting slider is working right away for any user with any SP.
  2. This Dapp uses Steem blockchain so it shows anything posted using any other Dapp like steemit, busy, steepshot, dtube, etc. It's just a client for the whole Steem.
  3. Beneficiary is 10%

You can read the official eSteem FAQ for other frequently asked questions like you've asked.

eSteem Surfer is currently working and you can download and use it.

I sure about you opinion

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I have used esteem quite often and will check out surfer. So far, I have read a few good reviews.

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Dear sir the collective efforts of entire team of @esteem and it's believers and reviewers, supporters, content creators everyone is liable to appreciate as due to the back end team efforts and front end users reviews are responsible for the unstoppable journey of eSteem surfer success.

Congratulations to everyone associated with the @esteem

This is one of the wonders that the blockchain brings with the cryptocurrencies to generate alternative income to the communities, democracy and universal income is on the way. I wish you the best of successes and @oodeyaa I will follow you to be attentive to your content, greetings and luck!

Me parece espectacular esta app vamos aprobarla gracias @good-karma
te comento, voto y compartio este post @danielgrosso Dejaremos Huellas en el Universo

@good-karma The new look is looking extremely beautiful. Your efforts especially your CMO & product lead Fil @dunsky is working well. I'm very excited to use this platform with new features. Graphical interface is awesome. Best of luck Team eSteem Surfer for the best journey ahead. I am curious to know when this new look will this final product available to end users ?

Your supporter @printskill


What I would really enjoy is the highlighting of spelling errors in both esteem products. It is very useful especially for non native speakers.
Also some templates designs would be great to be incorporated as standard.

v2 will have spellchecker for sure, tricky part is that, when you write post in different languages spellchecker might highlight text regardless.

I think that's an acceptable trade-off, especially if you can turn off spellcheck. Thanks for the reply :)

I second that - even as a native speaker, it can sometimes be helpful to have the spellchecker.

It will be on v2 for sure! Thanks for feedback

saludo @good-karma muy buena tu publicación lastima que soy de Venezuela y no pueda crecer por que aqui no podemos adquirir dolares para comprar steeem quiero anunciar mi retiro en steemit ya que te e seguido dándote mi voto en todas tu publicaciones

I must say I never heard of this before, but I will try it. It looks very promising.

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Well worth your time. I absolutely love it

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Looks great and refreshing. When you compare it with the condenser ... :)

I see some bright days and months ahead for Steem interfaces. Keep on doing the great work!

Thank you Ervin for encouraging words!

I like your activity. I also like your all post. You are a great person. Wish you all the best my friend.

That is looking great! You guys are boss level for sure!

Just testing esteem. First look is great. Will continue testing and post some reviews. Seems to be easy for newbies like me.
Good work, so far I can see now.

This looks really awesome! I am glad to see that you guys are actively working to improve and make it better. The thing I would most be looking forward to is some kind of spell checker built into the application. That would be totally game changing for me. I still try to use it as much as I can can without it though.

Hope that the V2 will launch ASAP. Anyway, is it possible to have more than single window 😊 thank you. I like the surfer but slow internet connection teally frustrating while working on it, that's why eSteemapp still my best choice.

So grateful for the prize, it helps me to power up and get me closer to my goal to reach a hundred sp before the end of the month.

such a great work for all the esteem users sir @good-karma

thank you for always update us esteem family!

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eSteem is always getting better 😀💖

Oh my! I'm all hyped! LOLOL The new look looks so cool and a few more features too, of course! and Love how the updates come out every so often, like, every weekend or something - jk!

Thank you for the update! :)

Love the dark mode! Looks really nice.

that's total awesomeness... really looking forward to it!

Your supported always great full and I am so excited

You guys have done really well for yourselves and the community. Great job

I'd like to see eSteem able to crosspost on Whaleshares (or even post on Whaleshares instead) now that it's running. I rely on the scheduler on eSteem for my book posts, so for restarting my series on Whaleshares, it would be lovely to be able to schedule from eSteem.

fantastic !
I use esteem surfer. and I am pleased. It's great to hear that updates happen.

We believe v2 will blow your mind in terms of design, features and performance, stay tuned! :)

Dear sir the collective efforts of entire team of @esteem and it's believers and reviewers, supporters, content creators everyone is liable to appreciate as due to the back end team efforts and front end users reviews are responsible for the unstoppable journey of eSteem surfer success.

Congratulations to everyone associated with the @esteem

The theme of home page on esteem app is quiet impressive and latest updated features

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The theme of home page on esteem app is quiet impressive and latest updated features

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What an Wonderful news and iam really thrilled after seeing that how eSreem going to look in coming few months, for sure an amazing development team.

Now I want to give it a try and see if it's good..

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Now I want to give it a try and see if it's good..

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I have really enjoyed the constant improvements... I live this one you are working on.

If you add more than one language option you will get more users.
A friend recommended

thanks for recommendation, yes we have multi-language support in mind for Surfer as well, just like Mobile has.

wow this is stunning!! Marvelous work ❤😊❤ love the esteem surfer. ❤ I also love the background colour so much!!

an increasingly enticing appearance and very useful for steemian. success is always for @good-karma and its creative team

Loved the Surfer version from the day I found it.
Not really a mobile user.

What I do miss, which seems to be present in the mobile app, is a language option. I am find reading English text, but I know it will help many others.

Something that seems to have disappeared some updates ago, the leaderboard of users.

Thanks for this great application.

Leaderboard is coming back with v2 release in totally new ways, stay tuned!

Salam kenal sobat semua

Thanks for replying. I am looking forward to it. Not that I am on the leaderboard, but it is fun to see how others do.

Why is the text so small? Can barely read


UI looks good but colors are very sharp.I will try it and give feedback. But what I am thinking about is there are many applications and even mobile solutions to interact with steem but there is no consolidated approach.Really its cluttered and for an average user and for adoption in general I think it is a major bottleneck.

Would love to see a tab for videos only or a filter that allows you to see just videos. :)

Heard that yoy were working on spelling highlighters and correctors. Automatic refreshing of posts and notifications would be great.

Proud esteem surfer linux user.

Thank you for the wonderful Steem blockchain desktop client
I especially like that it is possible to upload large photos

Thank You...Iam happy

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You guys are doing such a laudable and amazing job! Well done

Looks great! I will like to try it! Thanks @good-karma

Woow cool, thanks for your support @good-karma

@good-karma, super! very beautiful design, I especially like the second, where a lot of pictures!

@good-karma - thank for the update. i recently starter using esteem and I am very happy. THe updates look great -thanks to all involved. I will look forward to them.

Wow, so much better!

Wow i really like this new design of esteem surfer it looks very user friendly.. love it

I just started to use it and exploring its features!

Design is really very important for esteem surfer , and the best part is that it works for desktop and other platforms

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Its very insightful and interesting to know and find out about this.

Thank you for the update information from @good-karma from eSteem Surfer the Steem desktop

Really cool updates, thanks for sharing @good-karma!

new look more interesting.

Wow, that looks so cool. It looks so exciting to use. Thank you!!!!

it continues to evolve , nice news and thanks for sharing

Thanks for support...

espero contar con su voto considerado ,ya que asime estaria ayudando ya que lo poco de aya es mucho aqui en venezuela donde esta fuerte la economia,siempre lo visito al igual que a @steemapp,y no mehan visitado como a otros que tienen fijos,leagradezco su visita la voy a esperar,saludos desde venezuela

That's some seriously good looking UI.

Design looks awesome :)

This is awesome... I think I'll like to try that out and bear me witness of the upgrade...

Good job man. Just voted for you (witness vote).

OMG I need install this in Linux <3 <3 <3 <3

It is good to see new Interfaces for the Steem Blockchain! I will give it a try.

Very nice information so i thank you for you and give you my vote 100% support and apretiation your post

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I gave you a vote!
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Is This Browser ???
for creat post and blogs etc??

is the esteem surfer auto updatable? i hope it does auto update itself, wouldnt want to miss out on the new goodies!

i like your post good-karma

I'll take a look at it from the perspective of a user experience researcher and get back to you.
An assets library is good for consistency but only if your task flows match the users mental model.

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Impressive work as always.

First I would like to let @good-karma know the site is fantastic and appreciated. The draft option is great and seeing stats of VP, etc.
I use an iPad and don’t know if this makes a difference when Mobil. I noticed some of the markdown codes do not work with @esteem posts.

  • To make typing large the ##’s will not always work. The bold does work but sometimes a larger print is needed.
  • Not a big deal but the emojis do not show up at bottom. I can use them on esteem posts but must copy & paste from elsewhere.

Awesome @good-karma will be looking forward to the spellchecker one other thing with reply and comment messages do you think we can have it more darker tone when they waiting to be read and lighten up after they have been answered course at the moment i can't read if i have answered that comment or not because they appear the same shade all the time weather answered or not. Thank you @good-karma

It all just gets better and better! ⭐

This looks fabulous @good-karma Thanks for all your wonderful suport and the hard work already achieved to provide a strong and committed community. You've got my vote!!!!!

This UI is really amazing.

@good-karma i wanna talk to you. Can you plz give me ur discord id or invite me in your discord community!

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Link to discord is in post...

I noticed there's an issue with YouTube videos not appearing in the posts in Surfer, where they do appear in Steemit and other platforms. They just appear as unclickable links in Surfer, so they need to be edited individually in order to display the video.

Obviously, for future posts written in Surfer, it's ok as you can just adjust accordingly. But all the old posts need to be edited, plus any future posts with a YT link written elsewhere will need to keep this in mind…

Could you please share a link to post as an example so we can check and fix with next release? Thanks!

The last post I wrote, the video shows fine as I edited it with Surfer -

In a previous post written in Steemit there is a video in the first section (and at the end) that shows on Steemit/Busy etc but just as an unclickable link in Surfer -
This is the same with all my previous posts with YT videos as the majority were using Steemit.

It also looks as though I need to edit that first one to make the video central and tidy it up a bit. It could be useful if that is automatic…

Hi @good-karma
Do you already know
About platfrom
The same platform as steemit
Your name is already on the platform
It even becomes a conversation whether it's true or not

I love how this looks! Amazing!

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When we work more easily and with pleasure the result is much better. Surely eSteem will bring these improvements. Thank you.

Thanks @good-karma you are really supportive and your effort is appreciable for our steemit community i give my witness vote to you :) and i make Dtube video on witness whom i like as a witness

I hope the redesign goes perfectly, Mr. @ good-karma and with @dunsky, will continue to build success on the blockchain world

good job

greetings and respect @kasimbelang

Wow! Its a great news and update! Everyobody will benefited this update! Keep it up and God bless sir @good-karma!😇😊

from already writing from the new app, thank you friends for your good work,
all we need is the Spanish language hehehehe.

why i only see this now? why esteem only updated only just now for me! aaa. i missed out on so much good stuff.! thank you for bringing great steem experience to people!

Congratulation for your eSteem Surfer reimagined UI/UX, preview is very nicepexels-photo-633437.jpeg