That is nice. People will prove their concept more finely by using it.

Good News! :) i'm going for the German-Translation!
Cheers and a great evening


Hey, I'd recommend you to get in touch with the DaVinci group and @knowledges so that you and the contributors avoid any issues while submitting the post to Utopian. The translation category has been limited to pre-selected people, but I believe you will find a way to resolve it.

Edit: Disregard if you talked to either of them.

Hey, I have been in touch with Victor, we will see if we can also allow other users to contribute.

I have finished the translation of Crowdin eSteem Surfer and Crowdin eSteem Mobile for the Portuguese language, in
Thanks a lot for the big achievement with these apps for Steemit.
Keep shooting....

Thanks @charlie777pt for support and contribution. We will check and finish proofreading soon.

Hi, I'm very glad to support enriching Steemit apps and your working team. Wish I could do more. :(
I've finished the strings missing in Esteem, as well as the new terms of the former two of my last comment.

I'll translate both surfer and mobile to Dutch under the official DaVinci/Utopian-io translation project (under my secondary account @altrosa), where I'm an approved Translator and @misslasvegas is the official Proofreader for the Dutch language.

I'd advise you to let all translations go through this route since you will end up with high-quality translations within a process that has been tested and proved to work.

I could've helped with the Urdu translation, let's see when you include Pakistan in the list, I will be more than happy to contribute and help

Great, please join both of Crowdin projects to get started! I will make sure Urdu language is on list

That will be wonderful for sure :) How do we get in the projects? I will check your post one again

Great, please join both of Crowdin projects to get started!

I already did, working on both. There are a few things that need clarification before I finish my work. Who can I talk to about it?

You can ask clarification on crowdin that way anyone working on that phrase will see about context of its usage, etc. Thank you!

Thank you!

It seems you yourself have done a good translation into Russian (almost 100% is done), but I can help you with Ukrainian.

Да, русский у нас почти по-умолчанию уже готов :) украинский было бы здорово ❤️


espoem, кстати, прав насчет Утопиан.
После этого поста наверняка появится много желающих перевести и получить награду. Надеюсь вы знаете, что их бот не голосует за всех подряд с тэгом #utopian.
Там есть сайт и шаблон для написания поста. Есть комманды утвержденных и проверенных переводчиков, после которых потом вычитывают и корректируют текст назначенные модераторы/профридеры со знанием того же языка. Полный список можно найти здесь
Это дает гарантию качества, но, в то же время, ограниченное количество языков и участников. Разве что у вас есть свои договоренности с Utopian...

I am working for the Indonesian translation.

Its a glorious for us.

I am always present for my Bengali Community

I’m sure @steemityourway could help with the French and at @tata-natana could help with Russian

Posted using Partiko iOS

Russian is ready :)

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heya Rivalzzz im available if you want to do a german workout

Hello @good-karma .is a very good idea I really like this. With the translation in this appks, the other steemian are very easy to understand

But before that, I apologize that I have left #esteem apps because I am very disappointed with the curator
I have never received an award from appks #esteem

Hopefully you can understand what I mean

I volunteer myself for the translation. I can tranalate the content in indian urdu.

I can do translate to bahasa

Great, please join both of Crowdin projects to get started!

Finish, I have done it, hopefully it will be useful. thank you

@good-karma More important than translation: I suggest that esteem leads the way by adding a button for directional text editing ( right-to-left/left-to-right ). This has been a big missing feature on all the other interfaces and is of utmost importance to those who speak right-to-left languages such as hebrew, arabic, persian, etc .... without it text is almost unreadable and very hard to write. It's esteem's opportunity to attract those communities.
All it takes is to implement a button that outputs the following:
<div class= "text-rtl" >
*some right to left text*

This is the only way that works as the other ways to indicate right-to-left texts are blocked by the editor (for security reasons, I believe ).

korean translation gets started.

Is Italian translation still open?

Please, can you explain better how to share the translation? I made the first page of the spanish one. Thanks.

Once your translation is approved and added into app, you can make a post and get rewarded, don't forget to share your link in Discord!

Mantap dan bagus

its very intersting and very helpful thank u so much sir

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This is a great news, looking forward to have Thai language soon.

Great, please join both of Crowdin projects to get started!


Would Nigerian pidgin be considered?

I was already a proofreader for Hindi language for esteem v1. I was actively participated in translation contribution for various projects via crowdin and had translated in Hindi.

Started to translate to Swedish, 13% so far...
Now i have a good reason to try out the eSteem Surfer.

100% done. Now need to figure out the next steps.

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Here's my attempt, I translated almost all the entries to Arabic:

Now waiting for a proofreader to judge.

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Glad to new the advancement of eSteem projects.

I have helped with the below translations, and please feel free to let me know if anything else we can help with.

  1. eSteem Translation Contribution: eSteem Mobile | Chinese Traditional (zh-TW)
  2. eSteem Translation Contribution: eSteem Surfer | Chinese (zh-TW, zh-HK, zh-MO, zh-SG)

Good news I like Hindi language

Great, please join both of Crowdin projects to get started!

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About 9.45$ has been spent to promote this content.

I would love to contribute but if you will go through utopian, they haven't all the languages listed so I won't be able to partake as my URDU language team hasn't been formed by them since a year now. Thats kinda sad.

I made some contribution posts through crowdin and I would be happy to make translation if you add URDU Pakistan in your project there. Thanks

This looks like a great project! Looking forward to contribute with the spanish translation/proofreading

Nice ! Going for the french translation ;)

Great, please join both of Crowdin projects to get started!

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