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RE: Are You Using eSteem? + New Office Preview

in #esteem2 years ago (edited)

Thank you Luke for shout out! Looking really great, December - sunny and warm, who wouldn't want to be in Puerto Rico :)

You can use internal linking [Are You Using eSteem? + New Office Preview](/esteem/@lukestokes/are-you-using-esteem-new-office-preview) most of UIs should detect/support this format and we do support steem:// as well along with esteem://.

So you can format your links with steem:// which I think keeps as is.


[link with steem protocol](steem://esteem/@lukestokes/are-you-using-esteem-new-office-preview)
link with steem protocol

[link with esteem protocol](esteem://esteem/@lukestokes/are-you-using-esteem-new-office-preview)
link with esteem protocol



Ah, nice edit. I hope that gets fixed up. I'd like to see Vessel links supported there also (I had thought they already were).

Good idea with just doing internal linking starting with "/". That should work for all Steem platforms, I'd imagine.

Condenser being in maintenance mode, let's hope they will 🤞

Vessel already uses steem:// but only for transfer transaction signing part!

eSteem, Steemit and Busy already supports internal linking, not sure about other frontends though.