Steem multi-authority permissions and how Posting authority works

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Thank you!

Quick question: Will eSteem show a byline, or add a link to its website / post... at the bottom of our post?

Currently, eSteem shows username, reputation and post category for each post, but I take a note of this to add on upcoming releases ;)

Gotcha! Thanks for the response.

add on upcoming releases

Why add? A checkbox option would be nice, perhaps. So the choice is in our hands.

Oh you meant like and signature lines?!
You can do that already with combination of drafts, just create post with signature line and save it for later which will put it in drafts you can always start new post from that draft which will have your signature lines already filled out...

Gotcha! Yea, kind of signature lines. Can't wait for the desktop version now! :)


Thanks a bunch for it all, I am going to bed less of an idiot because of it! ;)

Namaste :)

Thank you Eric! :)

So can tell me if there is an app for streamit. Or is that last picture just of the website on a computer?

Yes there is an app, eSteem mobile app available for Android and iOS users!

I gotta try the scheduled posts. Makes things so much easier.

Interesting stuff indeed. But i dont get how everything here is still so basic.

Im just trying to give free calls on silver trading, but still i think its just way to basic.

Great informative post! Learning something new everytime I read your posts, thanks.

Hey @good-karma this is a great start with the multi authority, and posting authority is set, good job.

I got to know about Private and posting keys recently when I joined Streemian, will also try scheduling post in a day or two.

This article is great and explanatory!
I haven't tried esteem app tho, I think I should try it now :)

Let me know if you experience some issues 😉

Awsome post bro! thnak you very much for the info you provided, im new at steem and im loving it, keep going like this!!

Thank you. It can get really confusing...we admittedly were.

Speaking about multilevel permission on Steemit, i tried talking a friend into comming on board since last week and yet he hasn't been verified by the Steemit Crew- no passkey generated after confirming his email. Is that a glitch or they just completely forgot him?....err he wants to be known as @the-commentator

Registration usually takes less than a day or two. You can also create account to your friends by delegating or paying initial Steem Power that's required to perform actions, @timcliff recently posted about it...

Really?.....well this over days now....

I look forward to setting this up!

Thanks @good-karma

I was contemplating bout this, and here comes the 💣. Great post, Resteemed, voted, and thanks

This is just perfect...might be time to buy smart phone after all...:D As i see it is the project where i wanted to help with translation but fortunately i had enough Czech guys.

Awesome! Thank you for taking your time to explain it to us!

looks cool

I am voting for you right now!

Hi, I've seen some of your publications I'm going to follow, follow me and let's collaborate together

Awesome! thanks for the explanation. I still need to get the eSteem app on my phone.

Hi @businesswri
You will like the esteem app for being on the go. I have found it helpful.

A very good post is really very helpful for me,!

This makes understanding steemit much easier than before. I usually try not to worry about things like this but its a great thing to know how it all works in order to amplify your game. I love it, thanks good-karma!

Very informative, useful for author blog posting when I get there.

I find this information very useful. I printed a hard copy and also resteem so that more can benefit from this information.

Solid info! Seems the more I learn about steem, the more I need to know. But that just adds to the richness of the platform. Thanks! Followed and upvoted!

Excellent and very informative post @good-karma ! :)

Voted as witness & followed ! Keep them good posts coming ! ^_^

Thank you for this post and explaining. I love the tools, very useful info.

Very enlightening. Thank you for the knowledge.

It is indeed safe and easy to use app, learning more and more new things around but I admit sometimes I can't absorb them all :) but at least @good-karma you make things much easier to understand while explaining it in easy way.

Need to upgrade my celphone coz it cant load much app celpon memory lose is not good hahaha. Wait if I can buy new one you'll be junk! My celpon hahaha. Thank you so much informative post.

What do you mean by "steemjs"?

or even this: "This is how you would do it with steemjs..."

That doesn't make any sense. I can't "do" what you don't describe. I feel like you aren't saying what you mean.

Further, this makes no sense, either:
"This process is straight-forward when using eSteem."

I literally see no value in this post, nor can I fathom what makes it so popular. Please iron out what I see as a dichotomy of backroom techno babble and rustic Russian ruffians. Am I supposed to take sides as to who wins?

I guarantee that I can straighten you both out. Follow me and you'll see how.

Now back to the regularly scheduled technospeak.

steemjs is library that is being used by many Steem apps: eSteem is mobile and desktop app that is using this library just like and etc. And at last this post is more for developers and eSteem users to know how things are working behind the scenes.

It seems to be over-the-top technical with no explanations. I would like to discuss this with you, but I am in the middle of creating a major introduction post. If you would like to see it as soon as it posts, please follow me. It's going to knock your socks off... and I say that from one developer to another.

Thanks for the reply!

Thanks again for another post with valuable info, the desktop version should be good. I can't wait to test it out!

Soon they will be launching nuclear missiles from submarines using steemit multi authority permissions

lol 😂

Wow, thanks for this really! I can see how this will be a useful tool.

Great, weekends seem to be very slow for traffic so scheduled posting will help in a big way to maximum eyeballs for your post. You can prepare you posts over weekends and schedule them to be posted on Monday morning. I would think the first couple of days even the first few hours of posting is the success of your post especially for newbies.

welcome to steemit :)
follow me : @bosmed

Very helpful thankyou 👌🏻

So much informative ! Thanks for your great effort.
thumbs up steem with akkha.jpg

very helpful information for all newbies, how never know before this.

Amazing - thank you

good post.
upvoted followed

Thank you for this, I think it is the only tutorial I found on the subject that actually teaches something. #steemapidocssuckass . Do I always accept that threshold value... I wonder if I make it 100% just a random thought...

Is image drag and drop to posting removed? It seems I can only upload via link now.

Thanks for posting. Quick question, I heard that it is possible to somehow 'designate' steem power to another account. Do you know how that can be accomplished easily?

Yes, there is no GUI for it yet... I will consider adding it to next release of eSteem though.

Huh? steemjs? This is why facebook is popular-- you don't need to code anything, and if they think you need it, they do all that shit for you.

Hmmm. If I understand this correctly, it would make it ... less impossible to run, like, an online storefront right here on Steemit?

Yes, it is already possible on top of Steem, using combination of few features.

how to unsubscribe from that posting authority ?

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