I'll be downloading the new version RIGHT NOW :-)
Thanks for your untiring efforts to constantly improve this blockchain experience!

Your biggest surfing fan

That's pretty cool.
You should add steem monsters into that somehow. Like seeing your cards and trading maybe. could be cool.

It keeps getting awesome. Thanks @good-karma. Im downloading the update and i trust its awesome already. eSteem on

VEry good achievement. Love it.

As a user of esteem of course i lifted my hat as high as my salute for the achievement of your hard work and team. I hope that in the future it wwill grow and give more benefits to its users. My experience using steem is make me connect to steemit always. So i believe your attention to build that surfer will make many advantages for us and then your contribution will make us grow well in this platform.

Thank you @good-karma
Thank you esteem
Thank you steemit
Warm regard from indonesia

Thanks for the update brother, you are doing a great job

So awesome, @good-karma!!
When can we stop using firefox/chrome/opera/onion and begin using eSteem surfer as a secure browser from clearnet to darknet and other special snowflake DNS systems? I would like to see eSteem Win market shares in the browser market when/if! :)

as soon as surfer will add many tabs to open at once. to overview in the browser. i use it and i like it. but i need more tabs. haha.

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Thank you for your work!!!. Scheduled posts - very cool!

the better and certainly very useful for steemians around the world who use this application

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This is exciting, thanks so much for these new developments.

very very best of luck

You made great work! Thanks! Resteemed

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I've just updated, and I am now finishing my latest blog with it. :)

Finding things on the blockchain is kind of a hassle most of the time, looking forward to installing and using this app.

The update wait has become addictive. I look forward to the next pleasant surprise. Thank you!

Great job!

again this post and information are very high quality and provide a lot of convenience in surfing the eSteem application.
Thank you @good-karma.
Keep innovating for and for all of us eSteem users.

Thank you guys i have just posted my first post on eSteem Surfer and was able to without a lot of dramas but still have a lot to learn about the stystem and have just now downloaded the new version 1.1.12. You guys are doing a great job if i can suggest adding a spell check key later in the future it would be much appreciated. Sometimes we are in a rush and hit the wrong key or our minds just go blank for a moment so myself i always like to do a spell check before i hit post.

Thank you @good-karma .... Cheers :)

that's a great job what you did

yaaayy... it's really cool! it's helped me out finding the users and spesific posts that I need to put on my post, even faster then before.. Thank you eSteemApp team!

I wellcome your new search engine.I hope good project.

Thanks for the continued hard work, guys. I just started using it and it seems awesome so far.
Next thing that should be included in an update: An in-program updater ;P

getting good and steady. congratulations on brilliant creations @good-karma

Wah coming for the new one...eSteem always improved.

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Thank you for the information <3

very good.. i like

Another improvement, kudos again to you sir @goodkarma ...thanks for the continous innovations. I really appreciate this App of esteem surfer!

Can you speak to the security of this project? I've seen a few people using it, but Norton and my Windows firewall both are having issues with the program.

Thank you for your work on Surfer! Let's hope it won't keep cracking any more.
You might consider adding a spell check in the future, it would be much appreciated! Keep up the good work guys, we're counting on you 😉

Me parece una idea genial, me gustaría compartir esta información con la comunidad hispana. Investigaré màs el asunto y haré un publicación sobre esto. Gracias

Thank you very much on the information @good-Karma, I hope you always healthy, longevity and facilitated sustenance by one God.

Really nice, thanks for the update @good-karma and keep up the great work! 👏👍

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@good-karma did they pay points in reward to get upvotes like @partiko new app start or is there no reward for using this one?

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good info , Thank you for your work on Surfer 🇳🇱

Today also surfing on internet sometime becomes challenge , if this project can help improve surfing then it should be of great help

Wow, excellent initiative. I loved it

Excellent multiplatform browser, they did an great job and many thanks for sharing the source code with the all community of Steemit. Regards

That was good thank you so much....

I did not know about this Steemit application. I find it very useful. I will unload and I am sure that I will be very happy.

Just tried its cool good work :)

Hey @good-karma I have been an early user of the esteem app. I haven't tried the surfer version on desktop yet but pretty keen. Thanks for the smooth layout running good on the s8

Notification is not working properly today! If I click the bell, I can see the new comments and upvotes but the red numbers are not appearing any more. Nor the "mark as read" option. Please dix it if possible. Thank you!

Thanks men! Developers like you make this community more better and far comfortable. Great keep going! Good luck.

Great news ,That will add good value to the steem platform.

wish the project good luck and a successful launch.
Kudos to the launching team

Despite the bargain price of steem, developments of the steem platform and all its connected apps, are moving in a fast pace. thanks @good-karma.

Does esteem offer a wallet where you can convert SBD to Steem?

hola hablan en spanish


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Good post sir... this may help to browse better... .. will you advise. Me how to be a good steemer... what are the things I should for?!!!

I used it today for the first time. Extremely satisfied, highly recommend it. It is something unique.

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Updated... Thanks for keeping us informed :)

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Thank you for your work!!!. Scheduled posts - very cool!

Nice article

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more tabs please

One cool app, i have it on my both Linux and Windows machines and android too, it feels way more better than on the browser , the UI is great, but on android it needs more work i think, especially on performance and why not improve the app design, great job anyway

hope there can be a spell check soon? Sometimes we have wrong spelling.

Oh! This desktop app looks great. I'll use it for a long time to see how it goes. I already do.
Thank you for sharing this with the community. I respect and value what you do.

thank you