Hopefully you get what you are looking for, and hopefully eSteem is growing with those who have creativity in that field. Always be amazed, with eSteem and team. Bravo eSteem

I know Hindi , does that help? Sorry that was joke :)

There are so many talented people in this platform, You will find them in Steemit, for sure. eSteem made a very good development for this application. Thank you so much.

I emailed my resume but I'm also linking my profiles here too. If anyone else is looking for a developer I've recently left my last job.

I'm looking for something remote and preferably involving blockchain.


of general interest @murda-ra

Just a mail to you guys, i'd be delighted to work with the esteem team.

we're proud of you @ ood-karma, who continues to develop the Esteem app for the better. good work @good-karma

An opportunity for some people.

I like this posting so it makes me eager to create interesting articles on esteem, thank you to @good-karma

useful to all ,,, allow me to resteem.

interesting project , what about the Persian language ?

i would love to join your team but i didn't have experience in programming, and about the languages i am expert in urdu language and yes i have a command on photoshop.If you need any services in graphic designing please let me know.
And my steem surfer 1.0.6 is not downloading .Can you help me with it?
I have told you earlier i want to promote esteem at the end of articles.How can i?

We have answered you few times, please check your Reply section.

yes i have seen them today and thank you :)

Have you managed to install 1.0.6 update or still not? Can you explain how it is not downloading (what are you doing)?

This post is important for me, thank you @good-karma

I totally agree this information, this is great I will join here steemit more my spirit of strong competitiveness around the World, thanks @good-karma

the information we are waiting for you @good-karma has shared information, esteem is the number 1 app for us, we are ready to support you.

Remarkable. I am unable to do any of these!

Clearly, I am overqualified.

Send email to you @good-karma. This is for old users or new users? Thanks

This is not for users, this is for programmers who can develop applications. They can be users (old or new) but I think you didn't get the main idea of this post.

Thank you for explaining. I think it's pretty good, so all the users have a chance.

Yes, for this particular case everyone who can build applications have a chance.

big news... esteem progress awesomely

Great post and good idea..💖😁👍

small tasks for eSteem Mobile tell me @good-karma

Great to see this project having lots of success. Solid work bud. Keep at it. Witnesses like you are why this community is the best in all of crypto

Wow! You are working great and helping the community! And now you are developing something useful!

aqui de visita que lo estoy siguiendo ,lo felicito por sus buenos post,espero me visite para contar con su aporte,feliz domingo y saludos desde venezuela pais en crisis. dejeme en mi post algun comentario como seguirlo y que me pueda ayudar en mis trabajos ya que estoy aqui por generar algo de ingreso y no he podido,por eso pido me ayuden saludos

hopefully the glory #esteem surfer will continue to increase, we as #esteem member for all (efa) ready to work in doing #promo-esteem image

I see you are very earnest in achieving success in this steemit, I am personally very pleased with your new ideas that are progressing, your success is also our success, we also want to help you in that matter but our knowledge in technology we are very milki limited, if we can be sure we will help for the progress of this esteem, hope what you are looking for you will soon get, thank you @ good-karma have shared, may you success ... thanks

you are doing exactly what your name defines.I am pleased to know that you are providing opportunities for a job in this platform. Good [email protected]

although I have not met the criteria you want, but I always look forward to the new development of eSteem. Good luck

if I have the vision that I have for it, I want to do something about the progress of esteem, so that the future will be better and steemian esteem progressively growing and the more exciting we play in this steemit esteem.

greeting exists always from @fauzan11 to @good-karma and my friendship @bigbos99 because @bigbos99 is a young boy who works in the place of business I image

I am also interested to join with your team. have a look my profile,

I really like the blockchain and crypto esteem, hope this development can be enjoyed by many people, and I really support it for the success of the program from @good-karma

What kind of tellent like I am chef I have a knowledge in food its my tallent

I am a programmer, and pretty motivated to work on your eSteem Surfer app. Usually I work with other languages, but I am sure the logic is the same.

Maybe I'll better start with forking the repo and see if I can grasp the program logic you use by looking at the code, trying a few tweaks and create a PM for them.

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Good looking for you. The work place one the world from Zero to Hero.

Good looking for you.
The work place one the world from
Zero to Hero.

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Post yang sangat bagus

Post yang sangat bagus dan mantap

development of more progressive projects. success always @good-karma.

Incredible, mr @ good-karma, you always create articles that can motivate others in esteem especially me, you emang the greatest person I know, and you really help me in steemit, your article is always useful, thanks mr @ good-karma

Keep up the good work...nice post

Congratulations @good-karma Sir... I love StEeMiT... StEeMiT is a very good job... esteem is best project sir... thank you so much my dear sir.. upvote done sir.. please give me upvote Sir...