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The recent weather is very hot, do not know anything, Earthquakes often လှုပ်နေတယ် profile. When the earthquake a healthy age, elderly persons, too, although there is no problem Sick people, Young children and pregnant mothers can result in being a problem. Nicely pregnancy earthquake walked in implementing the idea of ​​the possible effects of the embryo behind bars. Let's examine this concept is whether it is really little.
Small child to take care of everything has not seen since before the face of love and affection the. Because of this love child of suffering confront a variety of easy-to-nine months was born ten months. Since this loving mother while pregnant should not affect how the fetus earthquakes want to know how I am. ကိစ္စလေးကို'd like to tell.
Whether earthquake is really detrimental to the fetus

2005 in northern Chile's Tarapaca region လှုပ်ခတ်ခဲ့တဲ့ earthquake earthquakes felt pregnant women preterm birth had been kind. You can see this kind of earthquake-affected women is observed. When you feel the earthquake pounds higher than usual risk of giving birth, also from New York University sociologist Florencia Torche said. In this study was found to have been caused because of the disaster caused.

If you felt the earthquake in the early days of pregnancy throughout the time before I was born on the fetus might also be disturbed. The most common problem maximizes the child born without a full pound. Full-pound newborn death causes because the earthquake will affect the fetus must tell me, because.

Children born without a full pledge and see the impact on the learning capacity and growth section Small deserve. This course extends the child has a weak immune diseases should be easy to feel shortages occur.

In order to identify the specific issue researchers disasters experienced during pregnancy မိခင်တွေက born without the impact on children and pregnancy when you look at and compare the health of children born while Running Wild in the earthquake disaster and the children experienced something like Normal children weigh less than နေတတ်သလို can be found in many of these health and shape.

The earthquake affected pregnant enjoyed periodically form a different room, said. ေဆာင် first 3 weeks of pregnancy if the earthquake was born full-pounds, 8 percent more than usual potential is rising. Natural disasters, including earthquakes felt during pregnancy, being full of children without any pressure, as well as a weak immune Cognitive skills are not disturbed.

The study was the 2005 earthquake in Chile during the week in the first 3 months of pregnancy if the earthquake was a full pound baby born in the risk of preterm births has found a higher than usual. If you have any earthquakes felt in approximately 3 months of pregnancy more likely the fetus at risk. In the first 3 months of pregnancy earthquake felt mothers affected by လျျင် enjoyed born mothers compared with a week earlier, found. These are experiencing natural disasters, but when the mother's body to come out in response to stress when you feel a sense of corticotropin hormone children out of preterm birth as well.

Full pound of preterm birth and birth, there is long-term damage on the health of children. According to the study, there were the earthquake, could dramatically impact on the fetus.


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