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RE: Waiting for the winter

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howdy from Texas georgipraskov! wow what views you guys have when you're up there in the mountains! Those trips look like so much fun, how often do you get to go? How cold is it, does it get too cold to go sometimes?

Well this is a wonderful post and the curie is very well deserved!


Hi, @janton! Thank you very much for your comment!
It is truly a lot of fun up there :) About the temperature - it depends on the sun, it can be even hot, if it is sunny and in the middle of the day. But as soon as the sun disappears it becomes really cold :)

We go to that place usually once a year as there are many other places like that.

Wish you a great day :)

howdy again georgipraskov! well that sounds wonderful and it makes for great posts so keep up the good work!