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Oh wow, this looks pretty dreamy! Like you said, a superfood dessert. And it's gorgeous too! lol. What are quinoa puffs, I mean I know what quinoa is but the puffs are normally used for what? A cereal? Great job Miss Lena, this is beautiful.


Howdy Janton! Its seems that the quinoa puffs are one of the latest popular superfoods in a foodie community. They are not cheep neither and they are practically tasteless, but i like the texture. It's something like puffed rice, however much healthier, because puffed rice is made in oil and puffed quinoa is baked. And yes, you can add it to your cereal, smoothie or pudding. It's very healthy! Thank you so much for stooping by and for your lovely comment 🍒😊🍒

I think I need to be eating more quinoa and spelt that's for sure. You are very welcome, it was a great post!

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