I am beyond thrilled! It is such a delightful gift! She even included some tourist guides to her area. she lives in such an amazing place!

That is so nice. I might have to change my opinion of Alaskans now. lol...just teasing. But if you were still traveling you would for sure schedule Alaska in wouldn't you?

I have always wanted to go there, but it is such a ridiculous long drive from here. It was hard to find the time for a trip like that, and now that I have plenty of time I'm just not up to do that kind of traveling anymore. I do wish I would have just jumped on a plane and rented a vehicle once I got up there, but hindsight is 20/20 and all that.

Howdy again you're saying that you never made it to Alaska? Well I guess very few people have. It's kind of a hassle getting there like you said!

So many people take cruises up there, but that is not my kind of travel. Now I'm pretty content to do my traveling vicariously here on Steem.

yes, that's the kind of traveling I'm doing too! lol. doesn't take a big budget!

That is very true! My travel budget has become non-existent!

Howdy today Melinda! How's your day going, are the kids still there?