Sunset of the day

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Hello fella Steemians

Welcome back to my photography post, on this occasion, I back want to cheer up all my steemians friends.

Today I want to show some of the collections of photos I captured this afternoon, that is sunset.

Come together we see one by one of the photos that I captured, hopefully this photo will be inspired by all friends of steemians around the world.

Photo Original By : @kamalsaputra

Photo Original By : @kamalsaputra

Photo Original By : @kamalsaputra

Photo Original By : @kamalsaputra

Photo Original By : @kamalsaputra

photo I capture this, I captured in the reservoir area of ​​Lhokseumawe city, this place is also one of his favorite places for all photographers who like to hunt for sunset.

Only this my discussion on this occasion, may friend steemians all entertained and useful.



CameraSamsung Galaxy S4


Loved the amber in the sky with the fire all around the sky.

Fantastic shots. I like the one of the man in the boat at the end. It seems very peaceful. I feel like it should be on one of those motivational posters you see in offices.

thank you for the appreciation @bozz

No problem.

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