Gaze at the sunset in the irrigation channel.

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Good night to all steemians wherever you are.
May you always be cheerful.
In this post I share photos of the sunset.

If other people share sunset photos over mountains and beaches, this time I share a slightly different sunset photo.


I took this photo when I saw children learning to swim in irrigation channels.
This is the right moment to take photos.

With a cloudy afternoon, I sat on the edge of an irrigation channel waiting for the sunset at the western horizon.
The golden hue it radiates is a miracle when the day is getting dark and the heat is still felt.

I am very grateful and admire how powerful God's creation is to make life happy in the world.


Although this time the sunset was not in accordance with my expectations to be enshrined in a camera result, but this is an object that must be enshrined even though it is not as beautiful as desired.

Besides the sun which is increasingly covered by clouds, there are also children playing and swimming irrigation channels making the atmosphere cheerful.


The beauty of the sunset which emits golden rays in this irrigation channel makes the water turn yellow like gold.

The shots from my smartphone that I did not use blitz.
I am worried that I can blur an image due to the light emitted from a cellphone colliding with sunlight.

Although I am not an expert in the field of photographer, but at least I have worked.
I ignored the theory of photography because I didn't understand it.
Autodidact, I aim the camera phone where I like it.


This is a work of creation, for me to make a memory that I will never see again like this on another occasion.
Hopefully this will be a good start.

by @kevirizal


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