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Hello My Dearest Foodies,

So here I am with my first recipe since the surgery, although I am not quite recovered yet. Also, my left hand is getting worse now, so I have a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT to make regarding the FRUITS AND VEGGIES MONDAY CONTEST.

As many of you know, our Dear Katie @plantstoplanks have been hosting it since my surgery and she is doing incredible job!!! She is not only great blogger, foodie, fitness coach, leader, well established member of the Vegan Steemit community and Steemit community in general, but also a wonderful friend. This is why I new that she will take her role of the host to her heart so I asked her if she would like to take the hosting completely.

She said YES so the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT is that Katie is taking over the FAVM Contest and I am retiring, lol. However, I will be around reading, commenting, upvoting and reposting your entries, so the change will be hardly noticeable.

And now before I go, I must say, this CURRY is absolutely dreamy, easy to make and highly nutritious. You should definitely try!


Thai inspired Mung Bean Vermicelli with Green Curry Sauce
Vegan – Gluten Free – Refined Sugar Free
Author: Lena’s Vegan Living

• Mung bean noodles (follow the instructions on the package)
• Firm tofu 150gr (cut in cubes)
• Coconut oil 1 tbs
• Low sodium Tamari 2 tbs
• Cilantro leaves to garnish
• Scallions sliced to garnish
• Crushed peanuts (optional)
• Veggies of your choice
• Edamame beans

• Preheat oil on frying pan on, add the tofu and drizzle with tamari.
• After few seconds add ¼ cup of curry sauce and lower the heat.
• Stir well to get the sauce on all sides and take it off the heat.


• Fresh Cilantro 2 cups
• Onion 1 medium size (minced)
• Garlic 4 cloves (minced)
• Lemon grass 1 stick cut into small pieces (1inch length)
• Turmeric powder 1 tbs
• Cumin powder 1 tsp
• Ginger fresh or powder 1 tsp
• Wakame flakes or Nori sheets 1 tbs
• Green chilli pepper to taste
• Coconut cream ¼ cup
• Veggie broth 1 ½ cup
• Low sodium Tamari 1 tbs
• Himalayan pink salt to taste
• Agar Agar 1tbs (or Arow root or corn flour)
• Virgin coconut oil 1 tbs

• Heat up the coconut oil on a frying pan and add the onion.
• Stir well and add the garlic, stir well again and add the turmeric, cumin, ginger and few slices of chili peppers.
• Lower the heat and keep stirring until you get soft mushy texture.
• Take it off the heat and let it cool for 5min.
• Transfer the mixture to a blender, add the cilantro and veggie broth and blend until smooth.
• Transfer the mixture to a pot.
• In a small dish, blend the Agar Agar with ¼ cup of water and add to the mixture in the pot. Stir well and add the lemon grass. Bring it to the boil, stir well again and take it off the heat.
• Add the Wakame or Nori at the end and stir again.

Ideally, it’s best to make the sauce one before is served, so all the ingredients have time to distribute into one delicious flavour.

Also, make sure to remove the lemon grass pieces before serving.







ǝɹǝɥ sɐʍ ɹoʇɐɹnƆ pɐW ǝɥ┴

Thank you for your generous upvote 😊

Oh Lena, I have completely missed your surgery! I haven't been around that much lately and I can't keep up with many of my favorite accounts. I am sorry for not thinking of you during your hard time.

I hope you're recovering well and soon you'll be healthy again :)

Your curry looks delicious! I'm sure that you'll get better sooner than you would think if you continue eating such amazing meals!

Take care my dear!

Awwwwww, don't worry Dear Martina! You are so sweet and I know you are busy. I am just happy to see you stooping by now. I am sorry too for not vising your page, but I ma going there right now. Thank you so much 💖😊💖

Howdy Miss Lena! wow, look at the ingredients of that sauce, is that the world's healthiest sauce or what? It's amazing and I'm sure the taste is amazing too and the photos are world-class as well so this is another fantastic job!

Thank you so much Janton, I really appreciate your support and ego stroking comment. I am happy you like the sauce and I think you would really like it if you taste it 😊

Howdy again Miss Lena! what? Ego stroking? No, I'm just stating the facts. lol. I know quality when I see it. I would love to taste that sauce because it's so healthy but I'm lazy in that department so I need someone to make it for me!

Even if it is true, compliments are always ego stroking, but there nothing worng about it, I do appreciate it. And I would love to make that sauce for you, if you do the prep work and wash the dishes, lol.

howdy Miss Lena! haha! yes I'd love to do the prep work and the dishes, I'm pretty good at cleanup work. Is the weather still freezing rain up there?

Oh, that would be fantastic! Maybe I should move next door, lol.

And yes, still freezing rain until tomorrow afternoon!

haha! hey you could experiment on us with your recipes! Or, are they always good and you don't need to experiment? They probably are! Hey I hope you don't have to be out there in that freezing rain stuff tomorrow, that stuff sucks!

Well I wouldn't give t to you if it doesn't taste good, lol.

I was home all day ding photoshoot, while we had that freezing rain. Now is freezing again, but no rain thank God.

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Dreamy curry indeed @lenasveganliving! I love eating a bowl of green. You really should open a restaurant.....sorry to be "losing" you but there's no better foodie to take up the reign than @plantstoplanks!

Thank you so much my Dear Tracey, you are very sweet, but I could hardly handle running restaurant, lol. As you can see I can't even continue running the contest, but as I said, I am not going anywhere. I'll be just hanging around here, while Katie s taking care of business. And I can't agree with you more; she really is the one to take the reign 😊

I am glad that you are here again Lena, I have missed your delicious recipes and your beautiful photos and of course you too LOL 💗

Awwwwwwwwwww, thank you so much my Dear Heidi 💖😊💖

Looks delicious. And soooooo much rich greens. Has to be really good for you :)

Oh yes, it is very healthy Steve. Thank you so much 😊

Surgery or not your food cooking and photographing skills haven’t missed a beat. I’m sorry to hear of your retirement Miss Lena, and I know I’m not the only one who thinks this when I say “thank you for giving us such a fun place to meet up every Monday. You better still hang around as promised because fruits and veggies just wouldn’t be fruits and veggies without you”. I’m wishing you a speedy recovery and hoping your other hand doesn’t give you anymore trouble. I’m still looking forward to your photography tips by the way 😉. Take care of yourself @lenasveganliving!

Awwwwww, thank you so much my Dear Puravidaville I really appreciate your heart touching words. And of course I make sure I always will be here as long as I can, because I love my FAV family 🍏🍉🍑💖😊💖🥑🌿🥦

Good! We need ya here sista.

Awwwwww 💖😍💖

I am truly honored that you would entrust the care of the fruits and veggies Monday contest to me! In addition to our very valued friendship, I have been so blessed by joining in with this community week after week. It has made Mondays such a joy! I'm happy to keep the ball rolling, but even happier that you won't be far because it just wouldn't be the same without you! 🤗💓

Katie, you are so kind and genuine person that I had no doubt in my mind. Also, we go way back and you are probably the only one who is fateful to FAVM since the begging. Anyway, thank you and yes I am still here, just need little break which I can have thank to you 💖😉💖

Oh my goodness how did I miss this curry post!!! AND your announcement! I can't believe your left hand is hurting now. Will you have to have surgery on that one as well? I hope this treatment works for you. I know it is so painful to have but I haven't talked to anyone after the surgery. You are right Katie is amazing and will do a great job stepping into right where you left off, although I expect to see your amazing photography, cooking and fabulous presentations along with your sweet voice. That can't be replaced. You have been such a kind, inspirational voice to me since I joined the FAVM group. For that I will be eternally thankful and grateful. You're the best dear Lena! ox

You are such a Darling Mrs.Bird and I am so happy to be of help even if it is just by such a small way here on Steemit. I really love all of you my FAVM family and I do my best to continue to be here with you, even if I will be no longer in charge,

Anyway, my both hands were bad for awhile and the left one was always worst, but the doctor decided to do the right first. So now I have to wait for it to completely heal and he will operate on the left one as well. My fingers on the right hand are better already, but my hand is still very weak and the incision painful. But I will be fine within few more weeks for sure.

Thank you so much again for your kind words my Dear Troy , but don't worry I am staying here as far I can tell, with my Veggie Family 🍋🍓🍑😍🌿🥑🍅

I wish it wasn't lunch time......and I wish I wasn't hungry and I wish I had those ingredients in my pantry @lenasveganliving because I absolutely LOVE Green Thai Curry. You make it look soooooo delicious with your beautifully presented images.

Glad to hear you are progressing well from your first surgery and I hope that everything will go really well for your second one. (U & R )

And I wish I could send you some Trudee and thank you so much for stopping by and for your lovely comment 💖😊💖

Oh, thank you dear Lena. I will just have to get my shopping list organized, so I can have my Thai Curry fix soon.

You have done such a fantastic job with FAVM, Congrats on building into something worthy of being passed along! So glad to see that you are recovered enough to be creating your beautiful food art again!

Thank you so much my Dear Melinda! It could only happen because of the community supprt here. And you know exactly what I mean 💖😊💖

It's a good thing that you can rest and with a peaceful mind, because this contest could not be in better hands (after yours) than in the hands of Katie..! ^_^
How sweet of @plantstoplanks to have accepted this big and wonderful challenge !

I can't agree more my Dear Barbara. Thank you so much for your support 🌸😍🌸

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