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I’ve been thinking about this one few days ago and was hesitant to continue with it for it may be against the rules of #steemit. But as I see others who also do the same although with different prizes I decided to start my own raffle draw.

Since the value of SBD is very low, joining this raffle draw will give every Steemian a chance to grow his or her SBD easily and quickly.

However, this will be an experimental post, if it’s just fine to do this, I mean no violent reactions from anyone here on #steemit then I will continue if not then this will be the first and last.

Although I don’t see any violation in doing this I am just giving everyone the chance to win 15 times his or her investment. For example if you buy 1 ticket for 1 SBD and you win you will receive 15 SBD.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Raffle Ticket is for sale for 1 SBD each.

  2. To give equal chance to all participants, I will allow 1 ticket only per #steemit account.

  3. The winner will get 15 SBD per ticket per 20 tickets sold or 75% of the total ticket sales whichever is higher.

     Example:  1. Ticket sold is 50 x 1 SBD = 50 SBD, the winner will receive 37.5 SBD
                     2. Ticket sold is 20 x 1 SBD = 20 SBD, the winner will receive 15 SBD
                     3. Ticket sold is 15 x 1 SBD = 15 SBD, the winner will receive 11.25 SBD
  4. Tickets will be drawn using I will also try to record the process and share it in the announcement of winner post which will be 7 days after this post or when the ticket sales already reaches 20 SBD, whichever comes first.

  5. Payments for the tickets will be sent to my wallet, you should write RAFFLE-1, “Your desired Number” in the memo. Example: RAFFLE-1, “12”

  6. Strictly no duplication, so please check my wallet for the numbers already taken.

  7. Write a comment in the comment box below if you have transferred payments.


50% of the profit will be donated to @steemitachievers, a young community account that aims to help and support its qualified members. Currently, @steemitachievers has auto voter with over 100 members in the list who are receiving auto upvote on a daily basis and growing.

100% of this post’s SBD earnings will be shared by all participants. So I encourage everyone to resteem this post so it will reach more Steemians and thereby earn a considerable amount.




Please support @surpassinggoogle as witness.
To vote his witness, simply visit and type in "steemgigs" into the first search box for witnesses or simply click Here to do it on one click!





Congratulations for the Winner!

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Good luck to all!

RAFFLE-1 "6" is taken. :D

haha good luck!

Nice idea to this kind of contest sir . My Raffle Number is "4". Hope i can win it . Godbless

Good luck! pray hard hehe

#5 for me ^_^

Good luck!

Hala ganahn lgi ko ani sir.. kanus a ang due ani sir.. kay pako ka laptop d nko malita sa phone ang mga numbers sa niapil

haha thanks @deeday31, taman mahurot ang 20 tickets

transfered done sir long.... #8

sorry sir long , kalimot kog butang sa number apil sa pag transfer nakog 1sbd. napindot na nku usa nako naalala. sorry for that.

it's ok just send it back, I will return it now.

ok na sir long :-), thank you

Ok good luck!

To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:

It is decidedly so

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RAFFLE-1 "19" sold. 😂

lucky number😂, good luck!

transferred payment done...

Thank you @tonie please comment your number here also, good luck!

#3 sir... Thanks

Good luck!

Transferred done. Good luck to all participants.

Ok sir good luck! Please comment also your chosen number here, thanks!

Ay sorry. Chosen number is 18.

Np sir, good luck and thanks for the support...

Transferred done.

Please comment your number here also, tnx!

My number is 16

Good luck!

Good luck pipz..
Mine is No.14

Good luck!

Transfer done sir. 🙂
I originally picked #17 as you warned that 17 & 10 are the only numbers left. I guess you mistakenly chatted on GC that I picked #10. But its ok. I think 10 is better so now I pick #10 hehehe. 🤗

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Hehe good luck!

Wen man iannounce ang winner sir

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Nagwait pako sa uban pag moabot ug 20 e draw ug announce na nako deretso.

Raffle-1 "15"

Thanks and good luck!

Good luck po sa lahat :)

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Thank you Jerryl

Hi @long888, i have a question if may i: how does @steemitachievers is helping and supporting their members, as i am interested in joining if may i. And if so, what would i have to do to become a qualified member please ? And how could i be upvoted by the auto voter ? Thank you .

Hello @oculussensori thanks for your query. @steemitachievers supports its members not only through auto votes but also by disseminating relevant information and tips on how we can improve our standing here on #steemit. We also help promote post/blogs that needs support like contest posts and charity related articles and that include introductory posts for newbies.

If you want to join our group, you need to send a request to join to our FB group page with same name (steemit achievers), we will include in the auto voter list those who are active members.

Oh that sounds like an awesome group to be part of then, considering the idea it's been built on . Thank you very much for the info :^ .

edit: Just went on their Facebook page and their cover picture has a sign: Sorry we're closed . Also the last post they had on fb is dated on 23rd May. Is the group/page still active @long888 ? Thank you.

yes it's very alive hehe, heres the group home page:

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