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RE: Waiting for the winter

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Oh wow no way it's bulgaria :D I was expecting you to say it's in Alps or out of Europe. Hah going to places where noone else is and having the mountain entirely only for you is eeexactly the thing I'd be quite afraid to do :D But it seems you guys know what u do :D wondering how much weed was smoked this day haha :D I was once a part of the trip to mountains with kinda half pro freeriders and we've been banging joints all day haha :D i was suuperafraid to even ski on the slope haha :D


😂😂😂😂😂 Thank you very much for this comment, made me smile :D It is more wild here so the winter mountains still require a lot of knowledge and training and preparation and also money. I’ve done it all my life so it is easy for me :) I don’t participate in the weed thing but the answer for sure is A LOT!

Hahha I actually didnt even have to ask, there's always A LOT when freeskiers/snowboarders are around :D