Monochrome Monday

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It is another rainy day here in Wisconsin. Make it stop! Everything is saturated. I don't know where we can put another drop of water.

Rainy days and Monday's.....


Rudbeckia or black-eyed Susan, is in the sunflower family and is native to this area. These were in a vase in the house, and after they had seen better days, I couldn't resist a photo before I threw them out.


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This looks very "artsy." Impressive!

Very beautiful flower @melinda010100

Thank you! 😊

Great edit, Melinda. What app did you use?

I seldom use just one. I like the way different apps do different filters and functions, so I move the photo around and create different effects with different apps. I think this might've been ToolWhiz and maybe Paint

Great apps both of them. Anyway, great photo, Melinda. 🙂

Hi!!!! Very good picture, i love the effect/filter. Have an amazing day Melinda!

Thank you, Maria, it's good to see you here! It's been a while. I hope all is well!

Thanks so much! It is so nice to see a comment from you on one of my posts! I missed you!

oh same here! glad to be back :)

Great art @melinda010100 Black-eyed Susans were all over in my youth in the mid-West

And in the springtime it was those white daisies, right?

Wonderful friend

Thanks, so much!

I love the contrast so much!!! You have done a fantastic job!!!

Thanks, my friend! As always, I appreciate your kind words!

Hola amiga cómo estás disculpa la pregunta que le voy hacer pero que significa :Chair Shadows? Para ver si participó en el concurso gracias!!!

In not sure about your question. Translator messed it up.a little. But if I understand correctly my answer is, go to the link for the shadow contest at the end of each of my posts and look at some of the comments and the pictures that people have entered. That's what the contest is about this week -chair shadows. Simply a shadow from a chair. I'd love to have you enter. Let me know if I understood your question and answered properly.

Hello friend I list already I clarify my doubt it is on shades of chair! Thank you tomorrow I will be taking part thank you happy night.

Yes!!! That makes me happy! Some of the other contest entrants speak Spanish and I'm sure would be happy to answer your questions! Just ask anyone!
@remyrequenart @rosargelisperez @denissemata

an interesting shadow contest for this week

A comfortable art with beautiful and elegant sunflower beauty, good posts @melinda010100

a very good post and a story that is so very interesting my best friend ,, know my name @kr-1 I also just joined #steemit this time and also use #esteem for my first post

Very good post my best friend

This rain is grace, good posts @melinda010100, very beautiful sunflowers, I want to share your post @melinda010100

Post yang sagat menarik saya akan membagikan blog anda semoga sukses berkarya di aplikasi ini @melinda010100

I love what you'v done wit this photograph @melinda010100. Very arty! 😁

Thanks, luv! I'm glad you like it. Doing these type of photos is satisfying my needs to be somewhat creative!

Funny you should say that @melinda010100, I was just in the process of writing another post about finding my creativity. 😁

Thanks, luv! I'm glad you like it. Doing these type of photos is satisfying my needs to be somewhat creative!

Dry flowers are always fun and beautiful. You did a great job with this edit Melinda, well done!