in #esteem3 years ago

aotehcumyarr . hthoetaapyin pyitmhusinerar myarrtwin parwain suutwayko aotehcumyarr nhang aatuu ၎innthoeteat saatsanrayypayyhtarr
lhuutsharrmhumyarr pyulote eat mhaatponetain nhaint tarwaanhkan sonehpyatraan makyaarhkan hkaathkellsai
patipakhk aatwin kalayyngaalmyarr s ant kyin sain hkyaine twin hkyoehpoutmhumyarr aatwat i aotehcumyarr .

  1. jwanl 2010 14 raattwin tait u aarayyyuuaahceaahcain SLA / aahkamae Will nay hpyint tainswinhkaehkyinnhpyitsai
    kulasamagg . i action plan ko mha kyauulwan laatnaatkine aotehcuaahkyinnhkyinn Alia, aalaataouttwin
    ၎inneat rarhtuu aatwin twaeshihkae aarrlone sarrsamee myarreat lwhaatpayyraan; a pyi a w myawwat suudaan nhaint aatuupuupaunggsaungrwatraan
    laatnaat hpyetsaimrayy, hpyetsaimrayy nhaint pyanlai paungghcaee kawmashin; nhaint wainrout hkwng payy sanarr tawmuu

kulasamaggak ၎inneat aakaungaahtaihpawmhu ko hcaung kyi hphoet . ngareat a twalhpaataatwinrayymhauu tait toetaatmhu aahcerainhkanhcar


Only for girls.

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