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RE: I’m Giving Away 10 SBD & Copies of My Book, to Celebrate 1,000 Followers :)

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Hello @yahialababidi,

Nice to meet you (now following), and congratulations on reaching 1,000 followers (something I hope to do in the next month or two).

a collection of short poems inspired by the constraints of social media.

My name, as you can see by my handle, is @michaelluchies (Michael Luchies). I'm a writer and entrepreneur. My primary position is as the Communications Manager for After School, the largest U.S.-based teen social network. I write blog posts, communicate with users, parents, teachers, nonprofits, etc., help organize campaigns (suicide prevention, destressing, cyberbullying prevention, etc.), and a lot more. While most social media platforms are looked at as a problem, and I understand why, there are platforms that are actively trying to help users and fully grasp how they impact the lives of their users (and improve that impact).

I welcome and thoughts and views on social media, and your poems, inspired by this topic, are of interest to me. I'd love to check out your book. If interested in seeing a little bit about what we're up to, search "After School App Blog" (sorry for making you search, I just don't want to spam your post with links, as I'm not trying to promote anything).

Congratulations again, and I look forward to reading your posts. Take care.


Thank you, Michael, for taking the time to introduce yourself & for the valuable work you do.

To be clear, my book is inspired by “the constraints of social media” — which is to say, some poems are short enough to be tweets — vs social media, per se.

As you might see, from attached book review, “Barely There” is more concerned with literature & spirituality.

Thanks, for your entry.

Ahhh, I thought you meant that it was inspired by social media as in the poems were directly influenced by it. Thank you. Still, sounds like a good read. Thank you.

Also, I see you did not resteem my post, as I requested, in order to be eligible :)

An oversight, sorry, just fixed that.