"Why IQ are very good too happy to do"

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Sometimes the side are very, very high IQ is just as loyal and dear sorry Even if partners Often feel very serene feeling often. The intelligent ones are hard to find reasons to be happy. The reason for this ......

  1. They can predict things too much too critically.
    Repeat everything in life, you can consider reviewer labor is a major cause of stress. Criticizing considered a good thing, but at a higher intellectual work without the rest of the brain, even when the rest of them are constantly focused on the hair.

  2. their high expectations and standards.
    They want success in lowering high life. When they are not expected, they could not happy. It cost more than discouraging. Rather than declines. One failed to overcome this fear. Life is a campaign that will increase to consider.

  3. They too blame.
    Best tried their best to get things. Do not think I am the reason for success often blame yourself first. For how long a time in the event, had previously failed to frighten them too. These are the things that prevent them unhappiness.
    S) is hard to see who can provide them satisfaction.
    Too many good ones are hard to find someone who can understand them. Their thoughts, Manners, who will be able to understand that will get satisfaction from them are slim. How happy for friends.

  4. too much thinking, Are those who have a high IQ, depression, stress ဉ့် motion can cause a variety of psychiatric diseases has been proven in a number of scientific studies. So what hot enough and cheap to protect the best one.
    Credit: @mindin

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