mango rich in vitamin C #2

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hello my friends are all lovers of steemians!!

happy greetings everything...

on this sunny afternoon I want to share the advantages of mango.
mango is a vitamin C that can always be utilized and can be processed into other ingredients.
the content of vitamin C is in great need by swollen or bleeding gums that we should consume a variety of mangoes.
and mango can also be processed as the ingredients of cake, taste, sweets and also mixed in rujak manis. and good for skin health, this is most women.

mangoes of various shapes and names and different flavors and shapes and sizes of different trees are also always a choice with different tastes.



in general, young mango tastes sour, but this is another though not yet ripe tastes not sour but sweet and sweet sweet of course time is ripe and her skin turned into a yellowish orage and the fruit began to soften.

sometimes there are some in made as an ornamental plant in front of the house but can generate or make money.

hopefully can be useful for all..


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@mitaneuk mango is rich in vitamin C and the peel is cure malaria and the peel also cure lost of appetite!... I love mango so much.. Is one of my best fruits!...

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