Super talented player who had proved that there is better future ahead

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As we all have know that as in the field of cricket Nepal has improved a lot and also in the field of football it has also progress a little too. So there are many brilliant players from Nepal who has done great in the football and got opportunity for other club from other club from others country too.Today i am going to tell you about one great player who had proved about that better future is ahead and nothing is impossible.


Now he is playing for the Australia club which is Hellenic Club. He has been the midfielder for this club and he has scored some amazing goals till now from his country as well as the club.He is goal has been nominated by Australian FA as the best goal of the year. Thought club had to face loss but he scored two amazing and that goals were really brilliant. The match was against Western Sydney Wanderers.


So From these thing we can how much our Nepali people are doing. And we can see more youngster like them too in the future which can also take us to FIFA World Cup. These player keep our nation pride and hope Nepal gets a lot stronger than it was before. Great achievement by our young Nepali Player, Sulav Maskey. hope we get the chance to see more super talented players in future so appreciate them for now.

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