What's your smile really reflects

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We are all human being we all had got our emotions which includes various expression.

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Have you ever think deeply on those expression which they really talks, sometimes what we feel and what we show are not the same.
smile is the one of them which we show on our daily life.


Smile it's the human express which we show mostly when we happy , glad, impress, friendly, as greetings, it's just so amazing that one single expression can give various meaning so just smile and spread you smile everywhere so they can adept it and feel it.


There are a lot of people who hides there loneliness and sorrow and put fake smile , also there are alot of people who want to cry hard but hold on for world and keep on smile

Don't be the one of them !! Express yourself, you have the authority to show your real expression.

All my friends and family life is very short to worry about what we don't have just be happy with what we have in our hand, while you can realize there are many who have nothing even they are smiling .

what can make you happy and keep smiles on your face

Spread happiness as much you can life is short to worry about useless things..

Just Try to make someone happy or make them smile , then you will see the different in you.
Most precious moment is when you make someone happy that feeling make you the most happiest then ever in your life

Smile is sunnah so why don't you spread it everywhere

Hope you all like my thought of the day

have a great day everyone.


So true... thank for sharing this with us my friend

You are welcome