Beware Game Addicted Kids During The Holidays and So Mental Disorders

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Many parents loosen the rules of playing games during school holidays. When playing children games during the holidays, whether playing gamekonsol, computer games, or mobile phone online games, tend to no longer restricted.

But be careful, this can actually make a child already so addicted. The World Health Organization (WHO) now classifies addiction to playing games as a mental disorder.

Play game addiction is a new mental disorder according to WHO. Quoted from the WHO's official website, the World Health Organization plans to publish the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11) guidebook by 2018 by including addiction to playing games as a new category of mental disorders, called gaming disorder (GD).

Gaming disorder is proposed for inclusion under the broad category of "Mental, behavioral, and neurological disorders", particularly under subcategories "Substance abuse or addictive behavior."

This means health experts around the world agree that gaming addiction has an impact that resembles an addiction to alcohol or drugs.

This proposal was made due to evidence of a rapid increase in game addiction cases from different parts of the world, which is also accompanied by requests for medical therapy referrals.

What is gaming disorder?

Play game addiction is characterized by an inability to control the desire to play, making it difficult and / or incapable of stopping the behavior - despite all attempts to stop it.

The classic signs and symptoms of game addiction are:

  • 1. Always spend a long time to play, even the duration is increasing day by day.

  • 2. Feeling irritable and offended when prohibited or asked to stop playing the game.

  • 3. Always think about the game while doing other activities.

  • 4. Loss of self-control makes game addicts tend to menomor menggukan gaming in life so that will do various ways to be able to complete the desire for the candunya, no matter the consequences and risks.

What causes children addicted to games?

Any object or things that make a person feel good will stimulate the brain to produce dopamine, the hormone maker happy. Under normal circumstances, this will not cause addiction. Only happy and satisfied in general.


However, when a person is addicted, the object that makes the pleasure is actually stimulate the brain to produce excessive dopamine.

Excessive amounts of dopamine will disrupt the work of the hypothalamus, the part of the brain responsible for managing emotions and moods that make a person feel very unnaturally unreasonable, eager, and over-confident to feel 'stoned'.

This happy effect will make the body automatically addicted to feel it again. Ultimately, this effect allows a person to continue to use the opium repeatedly in higher frequency and duration to satisfy the need for such extreme happiness.

If this continues prolonged, it will slowly damage the brain receptor system and brain receptor circuitry and lead to addiction.

Are all game players at risk of addiction?

Within reasonable limits, playing games is certainly not prohibited. Playing games can be a good stress-repellent activity and also beneficial to brain health.

There is some medical evidence that game play can be used as an alternative therapy to treat mental disorders such as Alzheimer's and ADHD. Because during the game, the brain will be required to work hard to manage cognitive functions (eg strategic planning) coupled with the work of complex motor functions (for example, while viewing the screen must also move the hand to press the button).

Well if this hobby is not controlled, then it can develop into an addiction.

For a physician or psychiatrist to diagnose gaming disorder, symptoms and behavioral signs of game addiction should occur continuously for at least 12 months and show the "serious side effects" of the addict's personal disturbances, such as personality changes, characteristics, behaviors, habits, even brain function.

A person is also called an addiction if the candunya has also caused disruption or even conflict in his or her social relationships with others or in the family, school or surrounding environment.


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