Developing Child Creativity at Home

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Creative and innovative are the key to success in today's millenial era. Parenting ambitions and habits at home are one of the key factors in fostering creative and innovative children.

Some tips that parents need to do to develop an atmosphere and home-grown by parents become one of the main factors in fostering children who are creative and innovative. In children:

1. Grow the habit of discussing in the family

Parents can determine what subjects can be discussed with the child. For example, determining where to go to visit, birthday gift for father, and lain.Saat discussion, do brainstorming (pouring ideas directly). Brainstorming method can hone creativity not only increase the wealth of ideas generated, but also help us determine what will be done.

2. Grow the love of reading in the child

The brain as well as the body requires exercise to keep fit.Some ways to train the brain is to read, discuss or argue about a discussion. Books provide useful inspirations to cultivate children's curiosity and creativity.

3. Stimulation of 'trial and error'

Various educational games can be a great stimulation for young children, for example: brick lego, drawing and coloring, cutting or folding paper, making buildings from sand, and others.

That activity will hone spatial abilities (with respect to space or place), motorics (concerned with movers) smooth children, also stimulate children's creativity.

Let them be free to do, hold, draw, shape, or create something in their own style. That way, the imaginations of their minds are freely expressed.

4. Provide a special time for shared recreation

The activity is a good moment for children to get a new experience. For example, tours to educational places he has never visited such as museums, zoos, recreational parks, and others. New things can enhance or stimulate the imagination of children so that kretivitasnya increasing.

5. Avoid over-protective attitude

For example: give very tight boundaries to the child so fear first before he tries an activity. Or, worry too much about the messy house when the child is playing.

Parents need to believe in the child's abilities. For example, when a child coloring a cat in green, rather than saying it is wrong, try to ask, Why is it colored green, son? Then, give constructive comments. Of course, the child will further explore his abilities.

There is also a time when children need to spend time alone. In solitude, they are freer to process their thoughts without demand.

6. Support and compliment your child's ideas or creations

Do not hesitate to give appreciation to the child whenever successfully do something or pour out his idea, although in our opinion has not been completely perfect. We can say for example, "Mama knows you can do it, son! You have done your best. Well, keep trying to get better, yes. "

Support like this makes children dare to dream, which is the beginning of the growth of ideals in the future.



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