Signs Men Have Testosterone Hormone Problems

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The hormone testosterone is an important hormone for the male body. The hormone testosterone has many functions, ranging from regulating fertility, muscle formation, to the growth of hair and beard.

However, poor diet patterns and increasing age affect the male hormone testosterone condition.

Here are signs of men having testosterone hormone problems:

1.Otot weakened


The hormone testosterone plays a very important role to maintain muscle and bone health. Lower levels of this hormone also often make men easily tired because of the decline in energy production process.

2.Easy to get hot


Symptoms are hot in the body, followed by sweating, and heart palpitations. The heat sensation usually begins in the chest, sometimes also on the face and neck, then spread throughout the body.

3.Libido is low


Starting from a problem with the erection process, until the decrease in passion for sex can occur if men experience testosterone deficiency.

4. Easily angry


This hormone is also associated with mood swings, self-esteem and male memory. As a result of this decrease in hormones, men often experience problems related to emotions that are fluid, depressed and even experience barriers in the process of remembering things.

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