kway aahtaat hpyit

in #esteem3 years ago

tait u karay toko run mahpyithcalout konekyahcarate kway aasayyhcate kaungg tait u shoetmahote waansaungmhu myarreat ray to pyay htotelotemhu nhaint htotelote htwatshi myarr eataarayaatwat tait kumpanetaithkuk myahuatmahpyithcalout ( solo sanyya incremental) konekyahcarate a kyarr hcautlyain kohcarrpyutaal . de a kway naeepanyar nhaint aarainnaamyit hcyaayynhuannmyarr, hcain saat mapyat kaeshoetaahkyarr variable twayko, kinepyee, mahpyithcalout konekyahcaratenhaint output ko aasaint a kyarr hcautlyain hpamseehphoet soutlotehtarr sai . aasopar mahpyithcalout konekyahcarate kway myarrsaw aarr hpyint u- pone hpyitpartaal . mahpyithcaloutkonekyahcarate output ko eat sayy ngaal tae pamarnamhar aatawlayy myang marr sai, hthoetnout htotelotemhu toe, mahpyithcalout konekyahcarate kyasainnmhu aahpyit, ht, hthoetnout ni m sone taanhpoe k routshi . aasopar mahpyithcalout konekyahcarate mahpyithcaloutwainngway (MR), konepahchcaee shoetmahote waansaungmhutaithku a po saungg yuunait kumpanemha yuusaung lar lain maihu raunggaarr wainngwaymyarreat incremental ngwaypamarn hcautlyain pya s naysai . aasopar mahpyithcalout konekyahcarate kway eat i aaswin san htaran mahpyithcaloutpyan ( nhaint mahpyithcalout pyan lyawwkyalar eat tararr) lyawwkyalar hthoetnout toepwarrlartiterite attribute hpyitpartaal . aamyarrhcu htotelotemhu lotengaann hcainmyarraatwat 191 loteaarr eat mahpyithcalout htotekone pinetwin ht aamyarrsone taanhpoeko routshi pyeetot hcain saat mapyat htotelotemhu toe aahpyit kyarout: . mahpyithcaloutkonekyahcarate MPL / w nyemyaha . aasopar mahpyithcalout konekyahcarate kwaypyammyaha variable ko konekyahcarate kway nhaint ၎innthoeteat ni m sone ramhaatmhar (Short- pyay) pyammyaha aarr hpyint hcuhcupaungg konekyahcarate kway nhaithku lonehpyat increases.:209 hthoetkyount mahpyithcalout konekyahcarate pinetwin kyarout, hthoetnout ni m sone taanhpoe k routshi sai . aasopar mahpyithcalout konekyahcarate kway pyammyaha kway myinttaat naysai pyammyaha konekyahcarate kway aahtaat hpyit taeaahkar . aasopar mahpyithcalout konekyahcarate kway pyammyaha kway pyuatkya naysai pyammyaha kway aouttwin hpawpyahtarrsaw hpyit taeaahkar . i sai nhaint hcautlyain masaatsine saeet mahpyithcalout kway myinttaat shoetmahote kyaswarr tar hpyitpartaal shi m shieat rashihtarrsuu image

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