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RE: I’m Giving Away 10 SBD & Copies of My Book, to Celebrate 1,000 Followers :)

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hi! :D Im from Caracas, Venezuela, SouthAmerica, musician, artist and writer, just few days ago i can publish my second multilanguaje poem (Broken Godess and The eternal solitude of farewells in spanish, english, french, indonesio and filipino tagalog), cause i wanna expand my poetry in the international comunity and Steemit can help me with this! I love all the artist in this platform, really have an amazing wisdom with theirs words, i mean i like a lot to find writer´s like you, with that passion and wisdom in each word! Just like a cool breeze in the air, Im mostly spanish writer and reader, but i understand a lot of your words, (i try to create my english text without some digital translator online) and i like it:

And, yet, every secret wants to be told

Yes i try to reveal a lot of secrets in my writes, i born in a very magical place, in the middle of brave crisis ever, but here the magic and mystic its awesome, very strong energy, i try to listen the elements of the nature for have a good concept of my writing mode with some paranormal and sacred touch, and i feel that you do the same, you listen the voice of your heart and try to connect with a lot of beings humans or sacred ones, so cause of that i like a lot your words.

I really love to have the book but im living a big crisis here in Venezuela, its a MadMax Movie chaos, so for this time if i won the sbd will be an awesome help, for me and others, i have a foundation here in my country and in steemit too @unknownheroes, so here each sbd counts its a lot of money and helps us for survive, but i dont write this lines begging for help, only wanna write the truth about your writing, i like a lot, touch my heart, i mean, here in this dimension plane exists a lot of stuffs, mysteries, magic and exist a wisdom sacred that travel in the air and conect us, with powerfull God energy of love and peace!

I reesteem this post and upvoted too, and reetweet ( ;) Blessings for you and for all the people that read this post! Sincerely yours! Nahu Padilla (an Lebanese, Beirut descendent). If you wanna read some of my writings let me know (i translate some of them into english).

By the way i love the Rumi poetry and wisdom, and the Klimt art (i study arts in college and music too)! See ya!


Thanks, for introducing yourself and your art. As I mentioned to you, on Twitter, the competition is over and I’ve announced the winners. As a small consolation I can send you an e-copy & 5 SBD which I hope will help you out a little 🙏🏼

PS - I’m also of Lebanese background.

:O will be awesome ;) thanks a lot! yes i really like it! please tell me about e-copy your need my mail? and thanks a lot for the sbd, will be really helpfull, bleesings!

by the way this are my two short multilingual poems, my new writings if you wanna take a look and thanks a lof for answer me, really really cool

old post:

I'm happy to help & yes, I saw your poetry on your blog, congratulations :) Please, leave your email, here, or on Discord and I can send you an ecopy. Cheers, Yahia

Im Very honored really, thanks a look its very good to know that you like my poetry, im trying to translate in an apropiate way all of my writing works since 1998 to english, for others people in the world can read about my works, i translate some art (poetry visual art) for Steemit and im very happy to show my art and know others talented artists and writers too, awesome my discord user is:

And my Discord channel for support new users and artists in Steemit its:
if you wanna take a look or join us :)

My email: [email protected] ;)

Thanks, for letting me know, Nahu, and best of luck with your art! I've sent you an an email with my book :)