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Mesjid Istiqlal Jakarta

Bismillahir rahmanir Rahim... Speaking of the essence of the Mosque, everyone said that the mosque is the CENTER INTERNATIONAL CENTER FOR ALL ISLAMIC ACTIVITIES .. Well according to the book by Fropesor abdul gani or according to kiai Haji Mohamad Aceng or according to other scholars, and all say the same thing like that that mosque (house Allah) is the core and the center of all the activities of the Muslims .. but that I met well across the archipelago bahkn world I have not encountered a single mosque that is in essence, which is the core of all activities of Muslims. All I know is that all mosques are just for prayers and recite them after they're done in the padlock. mestinyakan that in essence the mosque has a large and then distributed all its people, such as agriculture, education, animal husbandry, commerce, social and even sports and art of Muslims all controlled, built and in musyawarahkan in the mosque so that the mosque is a function for the welfare of the Ummah , so all people always prosper the mosque in 24 hours. and Allah willing rahmatan lil'alamin who can answer the meaning of the essence of this mosque, which is the center of the center of all activities of Muslims. because the mosque is built with the awareness of the conscience of the nation of Indonesia, not expecting from the government through a proposal or even through kenceleng. If the mosque is built like that means that Muslims today is very PELIT waiting in mintak not have consciousness. So little about the existence of mosques in Indonesia

Bismillahirrohkmanurrokhim... Berbicara hakikat Mesjid, semua mengatakan bahwa Mesjid itu merupakan INTI PUSAT SEGALA AKTIVITAS UMAT ISLAM..Baik menurut buku karangan Fropesor abdul gani maupun menurut kiai Haji Mohamad Aceng ataupun menurut ulama-ulama lainya, dan semua mengatakan hal yang sama seperti itu bahwa masjid ( rumah Allah ) merupakan inti dan pusat semua segala aktivts umat islam.. tapi yang saya temui baik di penjuru nusantara bahkn dunia belum saya jumpai satupun Mesjid yang sesuai pada hakikatnya itu, yang merupakan inti segala aktifitas umat islam. Yang saya tau semua mesjid hanya untuk tempat sholat dan mengaji saja setelah itu sudah selesai di gembok. mestinyakan yang sesuai hakikatnya mesjid itu memiliki khas yang besar kemudian di distribusikan kesemua umatnya, seperti pertanian, pendidikan, peternakan, perdagangan, sosial bahkan olahraga dan seni umat islam semua di kendalikan, di bangun dan di musyawarahkan di mesjid sehingga mesjid merupakan fungsi untuk kesejahteraan umat, sehingga semua umat selalu memakmurkan mesjid dalam 24 jam. dan insyaallah mesjid rahmatan lil'alamin yang mampu menjawab makna dari hakikat mesjid ini, yang merupakan inti pusat segalah aktivitas umat islam. karena mesjid rahmatan ini dibangun dengan kesadaran umat islam bangsa indonesia, bukan mengharapkan dari pemerinta lewat proposal atau pun keliling lewat kenceleng. Kalau mesjid di bangun seperti itu maknanya bahwa umat islam hari ini sangat PELIT nunggu di mintak tidak memiliki kesadaran. Demikian dulu sedikit tentang keberadaan mesjid di Indonesia.


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