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One thing that has always bothered me on the STEEM blockchain and all the interfaces as a whole is how hard it is to get acclimatized to the place. How hard it is to find your feet and find you community. I think that we lose so many people just from them getting overlooked and not knowing where to look themselves. With that in mind, I had some time this week and thought to do something about it.

It's still in progress but the vision is to have a complete list of everyone and everything that is good about the STEEM blockchain. I would love to have one place to send people so that they could find their group and there niche within the larger community.

Now nobody might be interested and nobody might use this but I went ahead and started anyway.


There will be information for all levels of STEEM user going forward.


Hopefully I can fill it out as we go along but it will take some help.

A complete list

At the moment, I have added as many aspects of the blockchain that I can currently think of so the next part is up to the community. I'm looking for more. All the apps and users that I don't know about yet that you feel should be added to the lists.

At the moment I've it broken down to these sections:








Discord Communities

Radio Shows

I think that I have the majority of apps and websites linked to the STEEM blockchain but please let me know if you can spot any that should be there and aren't included at the moment.

Interesting Users

Where I really need the help of the community for now is compiling a list of active and interesting users that people might enjoy following. I have broken them down into 11 different sections for now but that can easily change if you think there is something missing. The people that I have right now are mainly the ones that I follow but I know there are many more to be discovered.

This is what I have put together so far. What I would love as the end result is a full list of all apps/websites linked to the blockchain. A list of multiple user categories with 30 - 50 steemians in each one that are active and enjoyable to follow. I think it would be a great tool, especially for people new to the blockchain to find their way.

What I need

What I need from the community is information.

I need any missing apps/ tools/ websites to complete the list.

I need more users for each category. 30+ in every section to get a good variation.

If you think that you fit into it please leave a link to your profile with a description of your profile in just a couple of sentences.

If there is somebody that you follow and think should be on the site please tag them here or put in a link and description to their account.

To anybody that I've tagged here that doesn't want to be displayed feel free to let me know and i will take you out or if there are any changes you would like to your profile.

Let's work together and make this blockchain as good as we possibly can.




What a fabulous initiative. Yay!

There are so many who can be added to this lovely list. I would appreciate being included under writing and music. I haven't been as active on the blockchain lately due to real life stuff and travel, but I've worked hard to contribute poetry, fiction, philosophy, and quite a bit of original music over the last year and a bit since I joined Steem. These are subjects I'll keep posting about as time unfolds. ;)

As for suggestions, I have a few:

Under writing: @rhondak, @steemhousepub (A new publishing company based partially on the blockchain), @shadowspub, @dreemsteem

I'd add @shadowspub and @enginewitty as influencers. I'm sure Witty could also suggest quite a few to include in other categories.

@thealliance is one of my favourite communities, so I'd like to see that added there.

@zipporah is a phenomenal photographer, and a talented writer as well.

Under music: @yidneth, @edprivat, @camuel, @steembirds, @luzcypher... there are so many talented musicians. @dsound is a community for musicians (it's much more than that, but probably good to start there).

I could go on, but I won't. I'll just say thank you for bringing such an amazing list together!

@katrins-ariel This is great for the list. I'll take a break for a couple of days but after that I will go through all the great suggestions and really fill up the lists. There are definitely some good names in here to join the rankings. It's going to take a while to sort them all out when i tear into it but looking forward to it. I will do an updated post after that and see if there is anything missing after.

@bluefinstudios and @fiftysixnorth under photography

also for photography - @irvinesimages

Thanks for the shout out for my father's photography. :) I appreciate it.

didn't realize that was your dad :) he's got some great stuff! glad you talked him into joining 👍👍

Word! Thanks for letting me know you appreciate his work and I'm also glad I talked him into joining! It's been a lot of fun to share this experience with him and.. Steem has helped inspire him to get back into photography and get a new camera and has really been a positive thing for him! And for me as well by extension. :)

Thank you for including me in your list! 😊

I think this is an excellent project you are undertaking, and you deserve many kudos for starting it! 🙌

Please consider adding the Steem Terminal to your list. We are not a community, but a similar project to try to give new Steemians a little education and help them to find the communities in which they will feel at-home and thrive! You can read more about the project in this post which I authored four months ago:

There is an invitation link to the "Steem Terminal" Discord server in that post for anyone who wishes to assist with the project, or who needs our help in getting oriented here!

That's great. I will check it out later on and try to add a lot more in the next week or so. I'm sure it will fit into the site in one of the sections anyway.

By the way, we have a lot of resources posted in the SteemTerminal server, as well as links to other Discords. You are welcome to join the server, yourself, and snag whatever links you wish to add to your project! Our goal is to disseminate info, and the more it is shared, the better! 😊

I'm hoping to add a lot more to the site going forward so keep adding more if you have it. I'll check out everything and try to make it as comprehensive as possible.

Oh, I have tons of resources bookmarked, invitations to 50-something Discords, many front-ends, many projects on the blockchain... much of it is linked in SteemTerminal.

I totally forgot @pifc pay it foreward discord @wolfhart and @thedarkhorse a great group doing a lot to pay back to the platform !
@jaynie and @nathanmars

What a great idea love it, and I see @thekittygirl already informed you about #steemterminal so that’s our coop that you now know of, but we have more, we have a portal for newbies who we introduce after the introduce yourself blog in an account called @heyhaveyamet
Offcourse I like to see @blockbrothers in developers. And our app steemify in your list. I think @tattoodjay definitely belongs in #photography and
@old-guy-photos too . And if you don’t have a witness list feel free to use the list we published on our blog last month.
Again I think it’s a good idea so good luck and let me know if you need more help !

Thanks @brittandjosie. There are some great additions to the list right here. I can see this getting very comprehensive if a few of the right people see it. There has been so much added in the last few minutes that it's going to take a lot to put it all together. Let's hope i can get it all put down and that people wan't to see it going forward.

I know kitty is our top mod so that alone is so much you need your next week to proces😉 if you need help let me know or us and I will resteem this one to my followers maybe it will help a little !

Thanks Kindly for the mention @brittandjosie :)

Offcourse recognition is needed !

Again thanks so much that was so kind of you !tip

🎁 Hi @brittandjosie! You have received 0.1 SBD tip from @tattoodjay!

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@old-guy-photos ...didn't forget you! SO many people, that, in my opinion... are very noteworthy and interesting. @niallon11 you have your work cut out for you!

Yes but Nice work and a steemisfere helpdesk for the future @niallon11

Oh, I totally agree with you @brittandjosie ... that is the other concept I fear many don't consider; there isn't an "immediate" return here... we are indeed building the future!!

The ones that think this is in and earn and than leave again are so wrong!

You know i am a fan 😉

I knows @paulag has created a list of community in a website.

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Ya. I've seen it a couple of days back so will hopefully get it all linked in along the way.

some suggestions for your list
Photography - @daveks @keithboone
travel - @knozaki2015
bloggers - @andre-ager @karenmckersie
nature - @papa-pepper @karenb54
writing - @denmarkguy
music - @jaybird

Thanks for the mention I would also like to add you @doitvoluntarily to the list , as well as #teamcanada for the "Community" list there's lots of great people in that community to consider @naillon11!🇨🇦🙋❤️

@doitvoluntarily thanks for adding to the list. There are names here I've never seen before which is great. The more the better.

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Very cool initiative I literally posed about this the other day about having one interface to rule them all! I think @see-it-feel-it would also be able to help with her @mysteempl project

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Thanks. It's something i had been thinking about before but never had time. Had some time this week so decided to put something together. Forgot about you, sorry. I'll fix that later on.

Wow! This is a great idea, but seems like there would be huge amount of work in maintenance.

@whatsup There will be a lot of work getting it set up originally and trying to fill out the catagories, get everything right and improve the site but after that it shouldn't be too bad. Give me a week or two to make it look pretty and then it's just a matter of adding new projects every few weeks.
I hope.

What about clearing out the old projects, users who quit, etc?

There is work involved to be sure but the apps and websites shouldn't require much maintenance. The users will obviously take a bit more to keep track of but it wouldn't take long to run through the list every month and check that they are still active. I will be following a lot of them anyway so it might only be 50 users to see if they have posted, still active ect...

Hopefully with feedback as well I will have a lot of info to hand when i update the site. There is always room to add / remove people and projects going forward as we know how much can change on here over the course of a few weeks. A couple of hours a month would go a long way to maintaining it once i get it fully set up. Time that i spend on here anyway.

Sounds great! Much approval. :)

Thanks @whatsup. I'm hoping to get a lot done this week and put out an updated version by the weekend and an updated post. Still plenty to do.

Hey @niallon11
Thanks for sharing this useful info. As being a newbie it will be very helpful to find good communities from this post. Great work 👍

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@bloggerkrunal I'm glad to help. Hopefully going forward I can add a lot more to the site and make it a complete guide to steem

That's great 👍 @niallon11 looking forward for it.

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under interesting users you need 3 more categories:
giveaway/ contest runners,
charitable givers,
topic specific bloggers.

@zappa100 Good point on the contest one. There are a lot of people running them which would be good for newbies.

Awesome initiative @naillon , check my comment to @doitvoluntarily that gave me an awesome mention , I also would like to add her for your list ,very active enjoyable blogger! Also #teamcanada is a great community with a lot of active members you can check out! 2 great "influencer" and "active bloggers" I follow is @kenmelendez who is currently at the Glabal Blockbuilders Event in Austin, as well as @coruscate that you can also add her to music, Lol, she does everything ! 👍🇨🇦❤️ Upped and resteemed!

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Thanks @karenmckersie. There are some great names in that group. I've a few busy days ahead to get everything in order but there has been great help from the community so far. Thanks for the resteem as well. That is massive to get the message around.

🙋 You are very welcome @niallon11 , I would like to add the head Appics Team members who created what's going to be the first SMT App once it finally launches this summer and they have been on Steemit sense day one : @mrs.steemit @sirwinchester , @soldier . and more I don't have their names right now.
👍 For a Writer /. Traveler / crypto-enthusiest I pick @ericvancewalton who posts from Appics as well.with a well deserved rep of 76!

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This is a great initiative for sure! Thanks for the mention as well! I think another idea would be to eventually have a tab for those interested in getting a Steem account and you can link them to a couple of sites thatbare automating the process already! Keep up the great work!

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I have links to in the beginners section but i could probably add an extra tab to sign up through @actifit @steemmonsters or the other option within the apps. I'll keep updating it as i learn more. This is going to be an ongoing project for the next while.

Hey, @niallon11.

I was going to tell you it looks like paulag is also creating a list, and maybe you could see what she had, but it looks like you already know.

As far as that goes, I'm sure there's room for more than one list site, so the more the merrier. I think the desire is a good one. I think most of us flounder around trying to find our footing, when it would nice to be able to figure out where the topics and the people are that we want to be involved with from the moment we arrive.

Good luck with this. I see Asher through in a bunch, but there doesn't seem to be any mention or tie in to him and his Curation and Engagement Leagues. Maybe I missed it, but hopefully that can be included somehow if not. :)

@glenalbrethsen, ya i was chatting with paula before and i think they can complement each other as projects. I've gotten steemcommunity and the two guys in separately but I think I will add a competition tab like another person mentioned above. The leagues are brilliant and definitely helped me become part of the community. A must have for any list.

A competition tab is a good idea. I was wondering how else the leagues might fit in with what you had there. And of course, there's other folks holding contests regularly and handing out prize money. So, anyway, it sounds like you're well on your way with this. :)

I will try my best anyway. That's all I can do.

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Cool stuff going on here!!

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Thanks @streetstyle. Just trying to do something useful. Learning something new as well by building the site. Win win.

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Indeed an excellent compilation and idea; as I mentioned in our chat, I feel the @steembasicincome group would be a good addition. Founded by @josephsavage... he would be good to add to your interesting people compilation. A few others I can think of would be:

Too many others to mention and remember, but I will update accordingly!
Nice to meet you!

I think you're right about this going to turn into a big job. On the plus side I'm going to meet a lot of brilliant users that i have never come across before. It should be interesting.

Oh yes...

Totally agree; as I have said many times... it's not about the money, but the "people" who are creating content. Community, stewardship... I think this concept gets lost in the "ghost in the machine" if you will. Computers aren't 'self-aware' yet (I don't think anyway lol) so it's the old school adage "garbage in-garbage out"... maybe I am showing my age! Honest though...anything that helps new users to see the "in's and outs" of this Steem'verse is certainly a positive notion. And yes... I am sure there are other's that have created something similar, but another person's opinion, when used in a positive manner, can certainly not hurt!

I think maybe you should divide bloggers and vloggers?

Also, for gaming, you should add in @happyme

Also also, maybe a fitness section? Chuck in @exhaust?

Thanks for the feedback. You have a couple of goods points with this and depending on how many names i get for the categories i could probably split them up. It all depends on how many good names that i get. The site will be a working progress for the next few weeks.

Not fully happy with it yet but I will keep adding as we go along. Thanks for checking it out.

It's still in progress but the vision is to have a complete list of everyone and everything that is good about the STEEM blockchain. I would love to have one place to send people so that they could find their group and there niche within the larger community.

That's a good idea! I've seen quite a few people get sort of overwhelmed and not know where or how to start. Something like what you're work on I think would be very helpful for a lot of people and not just newcomers either. Good luck with your efforts!

the list is looking good! i'd also like to nom @stackin for influencer perhaps? and @joythewanderer and @world-travel-pro for travel!

Cool site @niallon . I went in and had a look around. I think you have everything covered. The only thing I can see is there is nothing in the games tab such as monsters and drug wars but I’d say that’s only a minor glitch

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They are all in the two sub menus for games and gambling but there might be a better way to set it up. I'll take a look at it.

im accessing the site from the phone so Id say it’s my problem.

You could add @enjar for gaming

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Thanks @paulag, one more for the list.

You've been visited by @thistle-rock from Homesteaders Co-op.

Thank you so much for including us in your lineup, this is a fabulous project you are working on and great for everyone!

Homesteaders Co-op

A community marketplace of ethical, handmade and sustainable products available for STEEM, SBD (and USD):

follow: @homesteaderscoop

General on website and advice for vendors on product for vendors

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to add any other people or groups that you think should be on the site. I'll be updating all of it in a few days.

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I like this.
@darklands is a game
@bananafish is for writing
@contestkings is for giveaways with no vote or follow or resteem needed

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